Field Trip: Xiao Qi’s Creator’s Market 小器生活空間華山店 手紙社 Creator’s Market

I’ve been a huge fan of Xiaoqi after my first visit to their Chifeng Store.  Several favorite items in my home are from there, and at first I was sad that their store in Eslite, Xinyi closed down, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had opened up shop in the Huashan Creative Park.

大家都知道我是 “小器” 的忠厚粉絲。 家裡很多喜歡的生活道具都是這裏慢慢的選的。 本來覺得好傷心信義誠品的分店搬走了~ 但很開心的發覺小器辦到 華山藝文中心了。 我覺得這個地點真的很適合她們。 場地寬敞, 隔壁也可以有小器食堂! 我這次是特別來逛手紙社的 “Creator’s Market.”   真的是一個完美的星期天, 吃了一頓美味的午餐, 然後悠閒了逛了繽紛的日本影刷品, 筆記本還有手工紙。


My most recent visit was mainly so I could browse through the Creator’s Market, which showcases the handiwork of several Japanese artists, including kata kata, Chappo,  Modern Classics, to name a few.  There were also two workshops for silk screening and stamping.  You could also get a custom notebook or tote bag handprinted, by artists from Japan.

Before the Creator’s Market opened at noon, I was lucky to snag a spot for lunch at the Xiaoqi restaurant.  Seats here fill up quickly too, in this location, similar to their Chifeng Street location, so I recommend either coming on a weekday (then you can make reservations in advance) or lining up for a table about 15 minutes before they open at noon.

Of course, a meal in their dining room is a feast for the eyes too. Everything is perfectly and precisely arranged. A sense of serenity washes over you as you stare at that lovely tray.


I ordered the Japanese fried chicken set.  This was the tastiest chicken I’ve had in a long time. The coating was crisp, and unveiled a juicy and savory bite of chicken.


The salad was fresh, with a few surprising twigs of chervil.  I thought it paired quite nicely with the citrus dressing.  The side dishes were also light and refreshing. I found the miso soup to be much too salty, but that could have been easily remedied if eaten with rice. That rice! So amazing. Perfectly steamed, it was glistening, fragrant and slightly chewy.

After my quick lunch, I hopped next door where the Creator’s Market was held.  I have to admit, I think this retail space is far more suited for Xiaoqi. It’s spacious, and the simple, yet well though-out decor can really show off all the merchandise.


All the paper I saw at the Market was lovely quality; and  there were so many types to choose from!  I couldn’t really make up my mind, so I ended up getting a package of the “sets” available, filled with a selection of their papers.


I was seriously tempted by all the bright color combinations and cute prints.


The Creator’s Market was crowded, but not unpleasantly so. The staff at Xiaoqi are so courteous and helpful, so you really feel comfortable having a good browse.  The line was a bit long at one point, but I was kept busy looking at all the beautiful displays, so I didn’t really mind the wait.  I hope there will be similar events in the future~I think it’s so refreshing (and inspiring) to see work by artists from different parts of the world.


I tried to be reasonable and purchase things that I would use regularly~ I bought two sets of letterpress paper packs, two notepads and a postcard.  I love lemons, and of course bread, so those notepads are just perfect. The color combinations are pretty too, right?


This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items, and all viewpoints and opinions are described based on my experience.



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