Field Trip: Waiting out the storm at Labu Cafe

One of my standby favorite cafes in Taipei is Labu Cafe. (Labu the phonetic pronunciation for the Japanese word “love.”) It’s a place where I really feel comfortable either going on my own and getting some reading or work done, or taking a friend for a leisurely chat and cup of coffee.  My most recent visit was during an afternoon torrential rainstorm.  (Side note: we are in the middle of typhoon season and the weather goes from blazing hot sun, to overcast and pouring down sheets of rain in the matter of minutes).


I ordered a Croque Madame, which to me is fancy grilled cheese~ it’s a toasted ham and cheese sandwich topped with a perfect sunny side up egg.  At Labu, it’s served with a generous portion of salad and a thoughtful side of French fries (since nothing is worse than having to choose between both).


And of course, I had to have coffee. I ordered their regular latte, which arrives on a wooden tray with cute wooden animal knickknacks.  The coffee itself is strong and hearty, and gave me the energy to brave the typhoon.




Information: Labu Cafe |Address: No. 7, Alley 2, Lane 161, Section 2, Xinyi Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100 |Phone:02 2351 621 | MRT Station: Dongmen

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)


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