Product Review: Mi Band (Xiaomi Mi Band) 小米手環

When it comes to gadgets, I’m more at home using and testing out kitchen gadgets, such as my bread machine, ice cream maker, or my soy milk maker.  I rarely jump on the bandwagon to incorporate other gadgets into other parts of my life.  But recently, my brother gave me a Mi Band, and seriously, it’s the best. gift. ever. Especially for fair-weather exercisers such as myself. What is a fair-weather exerciser, you might ask? It really just means I want to exercise only if I can see the immediate results…and with the Mi Band,  I now know roughly how many calories I burned blow drying my hair (7!) or stirring cake batter (11!)

老實說, 我是典型的 “couch potato” (沙發馬鈴薯?) 我真的不愛流汗, 更不要說運動了。 但因為喜歡吃甜點,所以不得已一定要為了健康著想, 多動動才行。最近弟弟送了我一個小米手環。 小米手環會幫我記錄每天走了幾步路,燃燒了多少卡洛里~ 讓我發現其實運動這件事 如果可以融入在日常生活中, 其實沒那麼痛苦!


Me and my Mi.

The Mi Band has to be “paired” with  a device, such as your cell phone.  In addition to calories burned, you can also keep track of the number of steps you’ve taken each day. You can sync with your phone throughout the day to track your progress. At first I set my daily “steps” goal for 6000 steps, which sounds like a marathon, but I was surprised at how quickly I was able to meet my goal the first day, and literally all I did was walk to the bus station, take the MRT (subway) into town to run errands. I thought that might be a bit different on a weekday, but again, I met my goal with minimal effort, and my routine that day included walking to and from work (about 15-20 minutes each way) going through my usual work day, and then going to the gym for about 30 minutes.


Image from

One of my favorite parts of the Mi Band is that you can track the number of hours you sleep.  The device tracks the time when you fall asleep, and how many hours you spend in “deep sleep.”  I knew I was sleep deprived before, but I didn’t know how far off the mark I was until I saw the actual numbers.


Image from

Some other details: According to the website,  the device is a “military grade” sensor, and has a 30 day battery life. The battery is recharged using a USB charger. The device is waterproof and attached to a lightweight, adjustable silicon band. (The band also comes in other fun colors like pink, green and sea foam green)  You can wear it in the shower, but I never do. I wear it on the same wrist as my watch, and I just remove both before hopping into the shower.

xiaomi specs

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Quite honestly, I forget that I’m wearing it a lot of the time, except if people ask me about it.  But having the Mi Band on serves as a good reminder if I’m debating whether to wait for the elevator or escalator, or just take a quick walk up the stairs. Another bright point is that in comparison to other fitness bands out there, the Mi Band is relatively cost competitive, at $395 NTD  (about $15 USD) If you’re a fair-weather exerciser like me, the Mi Band might be a good option for you. I feel sheer joy when I realize (and can see evidence) that I’m burning calories, when I’m out and about, and doing activities that I love, like baking or cooking.  

PS: I’ve only been using the Mi Band for a week, but I’ll keep you updated on my progress sometimes here, and also over at Instagram.


Information: If you are in Taiwan, you can find more information here.  As far as I know, the Mii Bracelet is not available in the U.S. (yet) except through individual sellers on Amazon.  The bracelet is compatible with iOS and Android devices.  You can read more details and device specification in English on the Singaporean version of the website here. 

This was not a sponsored post. All ideas, viewpoints and experiences expressed are my own.


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