Field Trip: Sitting in a tree at Cafe Trouvé ~ 找到咖啡館

最近發覺了:”找到咖啡館”  環境蠻舒適的~空間很大 而且就在台大校園的角落。 窗外有綠油油的樹, 還有台大的網球場。 我本來是要來這邊工作的~但很快就被網球場的 view 分心了。

Lately, I’ve been seriously absentminded. It takes me forever to form a coherent train of thoughts.  My friend Peggy says, it’s actually one way your brain gets a chance for a rest.  If I can recommend one place to do a little day dreaming, it’s here at Cafe Trouvé


Cafe Trouvé has spacious outdoors seating that looks out onto the trees surrounding NTU’s campus.  There is only a small window of opportunity to sit outside in Taiwan…and it’s right about now. Otherwise it’s a bit too cold and and damp in the winter, and completely too hot and humid in the summer. (and you would be carried away by the mosquitos)


Cafe Trouvé’s interior is bright and airy.  It’s divided into several nooks, with various types of seating~ for large groups (up to 10-12) and tables for smaller groups too.  There are also quieter corners towards the front end of the shop.



I ordered a latte and it arrived quickly in a colorful mug.  The foam was thick and velvety, and the espresso was strong and hearty.  I had originally planned on getting some work done (as exhibited by this sheaf of papers and my Midori Traveler’s Notebook) but I quickly got distracted by the chatter from other patrons, the artwork and the view.


There is plenty of artwork on the walls for you to look at as you ponder deep thoughts. For instance, I couldn’t quite figure out what this chalk painting was… is it was a man, standing in front of a cupcake that was floating away in an ocean full of cake and coffee, or is it a mountain range studded with baked goods and coffee?


But I found the best view to be this! The cafe overlooks the tennis courts of National Taiwan University. The afternoon I was there, happened to be around the time that afternoon P.E. classes were taking place. So I got to watch some students bat balls back and forth, some with better skill than others. It was actually quite entertaining.


There is a children’s play area towards the back of the space.  And it gets pretty noisy, and the noise carries to all corners of the cafe.  I think there must be some way to configure the tables to create more of a sound barrier, but I’m not sure how to do it. There were several meetings going on while I was there, and I could pretty much hear every word that was going on.


One of Cafe Trouvé main attractions is definitely the location.  Aside from convenience factors, (it’s located near the MRT station and a major bus stop) the NTU campus has some of the prettiest trees in Taipei, and the cafe is surrounded by a forest of them.


Weather permitting, you can sit on one of the decks either at the front or back of the building and really enjoy all the lush greenery.


Aside from the daydreaming, I think Cafe Trouvé would also be a great place to meet a big group of friends for a coffee, or a quick bite after work.



Information: Cafe Trouvé| Address: Roosevelt Road, Section 4 Number 1, Taipei, Da-An District| Ph: (02)2367-9456 | Hours: 09:00-22:00|找到咖啡館|大安區羅斯福路四段1號 台大新生南路側門旁 新月台2F



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