Field Trip: Afternoon Tea at Qing Tian 76~ 青田街的寧靜下午茶時光

Qing Tian Street is located in one of Taipei’s older neighborhoods. Here, the sidewalks are lined with trees and the buildings are shorter and older (and I mean that in the best way possible!)

Spend a few minutes meandering along all the tiny lanes and you will forget that you are in the midst of one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

Qing Tian Street is home to a heritage site called Qingtian 76. The Japanese styled buildings on this site used to belong to Professor Ting-Ying H. Ma. He was a geologist, paleontologist, and ocean geoscientist. Now the grounds and buildings are open to the public, and some of his geological samples are on display at the site.

想大家跟我一樣~開工之後就忙的頭昏腦脹的。。。 所以一到放假就想離開繁忙的環 “青田七六” 寧靜的環境正好符合我的需求!

If you’re looking for a spot for afternoon tea, your first port of call should be the front counter of this wooden house. Leave your name and number and come back at 2:30 when tea time begins.

While you are waiting, go for a leisurely wander around the grounds.  There is plenty of flora and fauna, and each plant is labelled clearly.

The wooden structures were designed and built by Professor Masashi Adachi. You can also go on a tour of the interior of the house~ just remember that you have to remove your shoes and wear socks in order to preserve the original wooden floors. (If you happen to not be wearing socks that day, the information counter has them for sale)

I skipped the tour that day because it was a bit crowded and just took a quick peek around before going to sit down in the restaurant area. On the way, I passed this wall which had a mural with flower symbols for each day of the year.

Do a quick search to find your birthday and your flower symbol!

Since I made my reservation at the last minute, there was only outdoor seating available. But if you call ahead of time, I think you can request to sit in the sun room, or in one of the tatami rooms inside the house.

However, the weather was perfect for sitting outside that afternoon. I enjoyed sitting right across from the open kitchen where you can watch some of the food being prepared for the dinner service. The surrounds are quite idyllic and every once in awhile falling leaves might blow onto your plate.

The tea house menu has a small selection of afternoon tea sets and beverages available. Some of the more unique items listed were the espresso and ginger cane juice, and the iced dripped coffee and apple juice. I ordered the Qing Tian Western Set.

The set includes a matcha latte, (love the latte art!)  three pieces of draft chocolate and a slice of swiss roll. The draft chocolate is dense, smooth, with a strong cocoa flavor. (I’m trying to find a definition for draft chocolate; it’s a cross between a brownie, fudge and chocolate ganache)  It’s soft, but not crumbly, and has a melt in your mouth texture. 

The swiss roll tastes like a variation on the Japanese Honey Cake~ here it’s baked with Japanese refined sugar, and filled with lightly whipped cream.

There is sky light above the seating area, so you can look at the sky and leaves~ I imagine it’s also quite refreshing to sit here in the rain, and to watch and listen to the rain drumming down.

(Note: One tiny drawback about sitting outside is that  you need to be aware of the mosquitos and gnats who will feast on every uncovered part of your body to their hearts’ desire. I was ready to cut my visit short until I remembered the mini vial of peppermint oil I carry around in my makeup bag. I quickly dabbed some on and seemed to help matters a little bit).

Overall, it was a mellow way to spend an afternoon. The service is great~everyone is nice and cheerful and it’s quite a pleasant to spend an afternoon surrounded by trees and floating leaves. 


Information: No. 6, Lane 7, Qing Tian Street, Taipei | 台北市青田街7巷6號| Phone:( 02) 2391 6676| Website:

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