Field Trip: Finding kitchen treasures at Woolloomooloo’s WXY Yakka~ 讓我找到回憶跟創意的小店

Many of you know that Woolloomooloo is a hip urban gastropub in Taipei that serves Australian-style lattes and a wonderful variety of Western style entrees and appetisers.


But, to me, the best part about Woolloomooloo is the desserts.  My most heartfelt love goes to their strawberry tart.  It is perfection on a plate. The organic strawberries are ripe, sweet and juicy, and the creamy smooth tart base has just the right hint of tanginess.



學生時代的時候, 我在澳洲住了將近四年。 那時候, 最enjoy的是澳洲的咖啡。 那裡的咖啡就是小小的一杯, 但非常濃郁。 喝完了那一杯真的會讓你精神百倍。 回想一下, 我那幾年加起來大概喝了上百杯的小小杯咖啡吧! 後來時透過好朋友 Janet 才知道 Wolloomoolo 也能喝到澳洲 style 的咖啡。

A perfect afternoon at Woolloomooloo is to have a flat white and a slice of their homemade desserts (in addition to the strawberry tart, there are also temptations such as strawberry cheese coffee cake, tiramisu, lemon cake, salted caramel chocotart, lemon meringue pie and banana cream pie).


Afterwards, make sure to drop by their shop WXY Yakka.  Woolloomoolo 除了咖啡好喝,甜點倒地, 隔壁還有一間很棒的迷你超市。 為什麼我會稱呼它 as “超市” 呢? 因為在一個小小的店面, 機會每一個角落都有小驚喜~ 我在這裡找到學生時代的回憶, 找到做菜的靈感, 日常生活的小幫手,還有找到未來家擺飾的想像。



Basically, it’s not hard to win my heart with a store that makes it possible to buy pencils, reading material, food AND kitchenware! Here you can find copies of dwell, Artichoke and Monocle magazines.


Some of my favourite items for sale here are the Duralex coffee cups. I kick myself for not bringing a set back from Melbourne, where I lived for almost four years.  I stopped kicking when I saw them for sale at WXY Yakka, and bought a few to use at home.


There is also a selection of “keep cups” in various color combinations.  I love the white +grey_ yellow combo, and the hot pink one is fun too.


Another item that caught my interest were these handmade brushes with wooden handles.  I decided since it seems likely that I will remain a “servant-less cook” (a quote from one of my favorite movies Julie & Julia) I better look for some other alternative forms of help in my kitchen.  Namely, in the form of this dapper looking pot brush.   There are also fruit, mushroom and sink brushes, which I would also enjoy having on staff.


However, my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw a familiar looking sight. Sriracha!  If you went to college in the U.S, you are probably very familiar with this condiment, it was used to give campus dining hall food a kick, or to disguise early cooking failures. I have many fond memories of Sriracha, so I was absolutely dancing with joy (on the inside) to find it available here at WXY Yakka.  哈哈 這罐 紅通通的“Sriracha” 醬 是我學生時代的回憶。 學校餐廳也會提供。 菜色如果不佳的時候, 我們就會拿 Sriracha 來提味。 或是,如果自己做的菜太難吃, 但也不想浪費, 那就擠出一點 Sriracha 來加分。 在台灣看到覺好開心,立馬把它帶回家!


The shelves are well stocked with a choice assortment of oils, different types of seasonings, salts, spices, dried goods (such as cous cous and pastas)


Organic vanilla extract and pods are also available here, this is an item that is usually hard to find in Taipei.


Another brilliant find is Toby’s Estate’s coffee beans and drinking chocolate.   As soon as I finish the hot chocolate I have in my kitchen, I will be here to buy their Ghana Red Drinking Chocolate.


I’m starting to notice Weck Jars, from Germany popping up in various little shops are Taipei.  These would come in handy if you are preserving vegetables~ my grandma makes her own kimchee and other assorted pickles this time of year, so I think this would make a useful gift for her.  Also, my friends at Plain use the tall skinny jars to store  their washi tapes, which of course is genius.


I usually never think to use steel shelves in my own living environments, because I think it looks cold and a tiny bit severe, but after noticing how WXY Yakka combines the steel with wood and selected splashes of color, I may be convinced otherwise. I also enjoy their idea of using magnetic pushpins to hang up some of their smaller merchandise, like these cleaning brushes with wool bristles.


To round off my visit, there are also a selection of pies available for takeaway. You can either buy by the slice, or order ahead of time if you would like a whole cake.


There is also a small selection of organic vegetables, fruit and free range eggs available near the front counter. This display kind of reminds me of a country general store… I was tempted, but it was raining and windy that night, so I needed one extra hand to carry my umbrella.  Next time I’m going to buy a few slices of their cakes and pies and some of their gorgeous vegetables for dinner. WXY Yakka 有很多在台北比較難找到的食材, 我大概逛了快一個小時!除了一些 Sriracha 跟小咖啡杯, 也買了一個小刷子。


Now. About that pot brush. Seriously. I think I will pots to get dirty just soI can bring it out.  I think it’s all due to the cheerful tie and expression. 刷子是不是超級可愛的呢? Oh, 其實不是可愛。 是帥, 對吧? 而且非常實用! 我最近不知道怎麼了, 很常心不在焉, 所以會燒焦鍋子。 以前就覺得很懊惱, 現在就覺得很 lucky, 因為刷子就可以派上用場了! 如果加一點小蘇打粉下去一起刷, 效果會更好喔!


It’s come in handy quite a few times.  Especially since it’s stew season and sometimes I get a little absentminded when a pot of something is simmering away.


I find that this brush works a lot better than traditional steel wool. The bristles are just stiff enough to really cut through the burned bits.  I added a bit of baking soda to help the process along, and the combination really made the whole procedure less tedious.


It seems funny to start the post with photos and descriptions of all that glorious merchandise from WXY Yakka, and end with a picture of my old stainless steel pot. 😀 So I’ll leave you with some photos of these colorful jars of  preserved apricots and cherries ,and these quirky cloth flags(?) I saw on one of the bottom shelves in the store.



 Please note: this is not a sponsored post. I paid for all items consumed with my own money. 







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