Field Trip: Royal Copenhagen Cafe, Taipei~皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, not because I’ve had blogger burnout, but because of poor time management. Time management is on the top of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015, alongside with “do more of what I love,” so blogging about food, desserts and kitchenware will all be a big part of my life this year. One of my favorite places of 2014 was the Royal Copenhagen Cafe here in Taipei.


I’ve been there a few times before, and find myself going back every once in awhile for one main purpose.  To ogle the dishes. That’s not to say the food isn’t good (some of it is!) but the dishes are  truly the leading stars of this show.  (For brevity, I’m going to condense about 3-4 visits into this post)


不好意思讓大家久等了, 我回來了! 抱歉, 最近事情實在太多了, 所以時間管理大亂。 但剛忙完一波 應該會比較有時間寫文章了。在2014 年的時候, 我發現了皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店~一直沒機會跟大家分享!

During my most recent visit, it was close to lunchtime, so I ordered the set menu of a salad, pasta and drink.  The salad was fresh, and had a variety of different greens and some slices of fruit like apples and kiwis. And, a sprinkling of pistachio nuts. (more on those nuts later…)

其實我來這裏主要的目的就是喜歡Royal Copenhagen 的盤子。 我有的錯誤觀念就是那麼貴的盤子只能看, 不能用。 但在店裡觀察了好幾次, 發覺盤子不只耐看,也耐用。 其實餐點都還好, 食材新鮮,麵會有一點鹹,主打戲是漂亮的碗盤。 跟杯子。 跟茶壺。 我覺得我選菜的目的其實是想看皇家哥本哈根各式各樣的款式。


I also ordered the smoked salmon and asparagus pasta. It was fairly good to start, but as I soon realized how salty it was. The smoked salmon was already salty, and then the pasta was salty, the sauce was salty, and added together, it was just way too, well… salty.


The criss-crossed, slightly limp asparagus reminded me of this scene from the movie Hundred Foot Journey.

My lunch came with a choice of either coffee or tea. If you order the tea separately, then it comes in a pot, and if it’s part of the lunch set, then it comes in a single cup serving.  


And of course, both the cup and saucer are absolutely swoon worthy. As you may know, all of Royal Copenhagen’s porcelain are meticulously hand painted. The detail is amazing.


On a previous visit, I had ordered their signature dessert, the trifle.  It was delicious layers of fluffy, creamy and sweet, but one part that distracted me from the overall taste experience was the garnish of pistachios hidden in the strawberries, and the watery strawberry sauce on the bottom of the dish.  I think I would have preferred not to have the chopped pistachios (which seem to be a signature at this cafe, because they were in the salad too) and would have liked the option of having the strawberry (sauce? syrup?) on the side.


But again, my attention was completely diverted by the beauty of the teapot, dishes and tea cups. Even the creamer used to hold the milk was a miniature version of the bigger porcelain water jug.  Cafes such as this one, and other ones such as Xiaoqi always capture my interest because I enjoy seeing the dishes in action. This way, I can better imagine how to incorporate them into daily use in my home. Cafe-wise, this is a lovely place to have afternoon tea with your girlfriends. (Even more so, if she loves dishes!)

這是一個環境優雅, 服務很棒的咖啡廳。 (我覺得應該還蠻適合帶家裡年長的外婆媽媽或是阿姨來的地方)喝完茶,還可以到樓上去逛逛 皇家哥本哈根的專櫃。

To be frank, while Royal Copenhagen is a brand that I absolutely adore, but have been hesitant to invest in because of the price.  However, after viewing them in the cafe setting, which means that they undergo heavy use everyday, I am convinced of their durability.

Conveniently, a few floors up from the Royal Copenhagen Cafe, there is a section that sells a variety of their porcelain.  So after my cup of tea, I decided to go upstairs for a look.  I had a vague idea that I would start my collection with a coffee mug, and build up to plates and bowls in the future. Another aspect that I admire about their products is that they are all color coordinated. So you can choose some different designs for each individual piece, but the entire look is still cohesive.  All important elements to remember when (slowly) building up a collection!


The sales assistant was informative and helpful.  She knew a lot about the history of the brand, the patterns and even the different brush stroke techniques.


Most importantly, she didn’t mind that I couldn’t make up my mind! She brought out all the candidates for me, and we spent quite a while debating handle size, proportion, etc.


We also looked at all the different designs, from the plain White Fluted collection, to the Blue Fluted Mega,  finally narrowing down to my favorite, the Blue Elements collection.  The sales assistant encouraged me to snap a few photos and think about it over the next few days. (Another important aspect that really helped me make up my mind is the company’s “breakage guarantee” which basically means that if you break the item during the first 24 months of usage, then Royal Copenhagen will replace it, free of charge.  There are some details to note, and you can find them on their website here).


I’m leaning towards this one here, which I think is the perfect size for me. In addition to the intricate pattern, I also love the curve of the handle.  What do you think?

我真的是被皇家哥本哈根的盤盤碗碗迷住了, 我想開始慢慢的買一些他們的餐品, 每天用,每天欣賞。 我應該會是先買杯子, 因為這個是真的每一天可以用的到的。 這專櫃的店員也很熱心, 就把我每一個喜歡的杯子 “候選人” 全部拿出來, 排在桌子上讓我慢慢的選。 也跟我聊了很多 皇家哥本哈根 品牌的故事, 跟一些花紋的由來。 真的是一個非常 well-prepared 的好店員!她也說, “沒關係, 先拍照, 回家再想一下!” 哈哈~所以我的確是有拍照, 然後現在在 想-ing.  你們覺得哪一款杯子好看呢?


Information: Zhongxiao Sogo Department Store(the one with the clocks in the front) 4th Floor, Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, No. 45, 4th Floor, Taipei City. 忠孝SOGO 4F 台北市忠孝東路四段45號4樓

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I paid for all items consumed with my own money. 




  1. Welcome back! I like the design you chose, has a Ming Dynasty allure to it–plus it’s consistent with what your coffee came in 🙂

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