Creating Mini Traveler Kit’s for Midori Traveler’s Notebooks

Since October, I’ve been happily using the Midori Traveler’s Notebook’s Passport Size as an appointment book and notebook.  I carry it around almost everywhere I go, and it’s really one of the most useful and versatile tools in my life right now.  I always thank my friend Peggy for introducing me to the Midori TN last summer, and I was happy to introduce my two friends Carol and Laura to them recently.  I found that it took me a bit of time, and some trial and error to find the right tools and decorative items to use in the MTN.  So for their birthday, I decided to roll up my sleeves and create these little “traveler’s kits” for them, filled with a sample of some of my favorite items that I have enjoyed using in my TN so far.  I started off with these small plastic boxes from Muji (I think most people use them to hold vitamins, or as a small first-aid kit) and then had fun filling the boxes with goodies.


Mini Traveler’s Kits for Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I wanted to create a kit that was lightweight enough to be easily carried around, tiny, but still filled to the brim with useful and fun items for writing and decorating all the blank pages.


Laura’s mini-traveler kit for her Midori Traveler Notebook (Passport sized)

My new favorite accessory for the TN are these plastic sheets. On side has a clipboard design, the other side is a grid with a ruler.  It creates a smooth surface to write on~ sometimes the TN gets a little bit bumpy due to the elastic knot in the back cover, and the zippered folder in the front, so it’s handy to have this little tool. The plastic sheet of course, the perfect size for the passport sized TN.

For Laura’s kit, I included two rolls of washi tape in her favorite color, pink, one roll I picked up during my trip to the MT Expo in Taipei.  Also enclosed is my new discovery, these semi- transparent post-its, with a vellum like texture.  I love them because you can write on them with either a ballpoint pen, or a permanent marker (like Sharpie or Staedtler Lumocolor) Of course, you can decorate them with washi tape and stickers too!


Laura’s mini-traveler kit for her Midori Traveler Notebook. The passport sized MTN shown here is mine, just so you can get an idea for the size and proportion of the kit.

Next, I added a 6-in one mini ballpoint pen from Muji~ I love this pen because then you can carry a bunch of different colors on the go, AND it’s refillable in a variety of different colors.  The rest of the tiny box is filled with a tiny cupcake shaped eraser, some cute stickers from my sticker collection, and a car shaped paperclip from Midori.  My other favorite stationery product are these credit card sized plastic cards, which look like rulers, but are really for carrying washi tape.  You just wind a length of washi tape on to the card, and it’s a convenient way to transport tape inside a pocket of your MTN.  Plus, it completely reusable, so you can refill it whenever you feel like it. 


Laura’s mini-traveler kit for her Midori Traveler Notebook. The passport sized MTN shown here is mine, just so you can get an idea for the size and proportion of the kit.


Now, onto the contents of Carol’s mini Traveler’s Kit! Similar to Laura’s kit, I also included a roll of washi tape from the MT Expo.  I made sure to add in some items that were her favorite color, blue.


Carol’s mini-traveler kit for her Midori Traveler Notebook (Passport sized)

I also find these tabs from Post-it to be perfect for use in the TN. You can write on them with permanent markers, and the tabs can be moved to different pages of your TN, and most importantly the tabs are durable. They have been in my own TN for a few months now, and are not bent out of shape or discolored at all.

Another tool that I really enjoy using in my TN are stamps. These stamps are the perfect sized font for the pages of the passport sized TN.


Carol’s mini-traveler kit for her Midori Traveler Notebook. The passport sized MTN shown here is mine, just so you can get an idea for the size and proportion of the kit.

I’m most excited to share my favorite find for Carol’s kit, which were these mini markers from Muji.  Since I LOVE fitting things into boxes, the joy I felt when I discovered that the mini markers fit perfectly into this box! (in fact, looking at this photo makes me happy all over again)


I’m obsessed with fitting things inside boxes. In fact, I love packing suitcases and moving boxes because it’s like playing Tetris, only it’s useful!  (I’m just slightly disappointed that this box isn’t just a few centimeters wider, because then the TN plastic sheet would fit perfectly inside)

Now that I have everything in the box, it was time to decide on the wrapping. I started off with some plain brown Kraft paper, and just drew some random shapes and squiggles with my colored pencils, and then added washi tape and ribbon.


This is ribbon from one of my trips to Yong-Le Market. I’m going to do a third post, focusing on ribbons soon (just in time for the holiday season) so please visit again soon for that upcoming post.


Since these are birthday gifts, I thought it would be cute to attach candles to make the gift tags just a little bit more exciting.  Looking back on the photos while writing this post, I realized that I had such a wonderful time thinking of, and shopping for, and wrapping these gifts!  It’s starting to finally get chilly here in Taiwan, so I spent quite a cozy morning inside surrounded by some of my favorite things (kraft paper, washi tapes, ribbon and colored pencils).


Happy Birthday to my dear friends, Carol and Laura! I hope you have a great year ahead, and make sure to remember to document all your little “life moments” in your Midori Traveler Notebooks.



Information: If you want to create a Traveler’s Kit of your own, I bought my boxes in the travel section at Muji (in Taiwan, you can find them here, in the U.S., you can find them here) and the markers and pens are also from Muji.  The rest of the small items, such as stickers and washi tape are from assorted different places, namely the MT Tape Expo, or online from and, collected from my trip to Japan, or from various shops in Taipei. In the U.S, they can also be found at Baum。kuchen and Uguisu.  I also love browsing and at Plain Stationery and Homeware for handy, useful and sometimes quirky stationery items.  I will be doing lots of shopping there for upcoming holiday/birthdays season. Meanwhile, you can read about the care package I put together using some special items from Plain here!


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