Field Trip: VVG Bon Bon 好樣棒棒 的下午茶時光 (Update!)

Update: Unfortunately, this branch of VVG Bon Bon has now closed until further notice. 

Once you walk into VVG Bon Bon, you know it’s a special place where wedding cakes sit on chairs. And the walls are pink…


and the shelves are filled to overflowing with candy.



My friend Laura and I love to go for afternoon tea whenever she is in town.  After she saw my posts here on the VVG restaurants, she wanted to experience their magic for herself.  So one afternoon, we declared it “VVG day” and spent a delightful few hours first in VVG Bon Bon, followed by some wandering at VVG Chiffon and VVG Thinking.


I really like robots~and I was thrilled to see this tin robot toy on the counter.  I thought she stood out amidst all the pink and sugary sweets, kind of like a voice of reason.


I ordered one of my favorite drinks~ a fruit tea.  I ordered it previously at VVG Thinking, and I was surprised to see that it had a different presentation here.  The bottle and matching glass was definitely very cute!  My friend Laura ordered the pink lemonade, and it arrived in a tall, frosted glass.


Unfortunately, I thought the food wasn’t as good at VVG Bon Bon.  The sandwich I ordered looked visually appealing, but it was unwieldy to eat, and some of the parts were not warmed all the way through.


I think it makes a huge difference whether or not there is an in-house kitchen the premises.  My guess is at  VVG BonBon, most of kitchen work is just reheating and putting together sandwiches, so the food doesn’t really have the same “wow” factor, that I experienced during my earlier trip to VVG Thinking.  Plus, I sort of get the feeling that some of the waitstaff do not enjoy food preparation.  Partway through our visit, one of the workers was sautéing onions, and another worker exclaimed loudly “god, those onions STINK!”  (Sorry. I think if those said onions are a part of your menu, then maybe you should maybe keep those opinions to yourself?)  In comparison, at VVG Thinking, one of the waiters mentioned that my table was near their kitchen, and she happily said “so you can smell all the cooking!” This of course, gave me an entirely different impression.

However, aside from the onion outburst, (which was technically behind the scenes), their staff was very friendly and accommodating.  Most importantly, they thought it was totally normal to change your mind twice before deciding on a cupcake flavor.


Of course, a trip to VVG Bon Bon wouldn’t be complete without a visit with all of their merchandise! I was happy to discover these elephant tape dispensers, which is one of my favorite tools on my desk, and one of my favorite item to give as a gift.  (I always think it’s easier to go to work if your desk has at least one friendly accessory)



The highlight of our visit here were the cupcakes. How fierce (as fierce as a cupcake can be?) is this raspberry cupcake!  It’s actually pink meringue, vanilla cupcake base with a raspberry jam filling.


Laura ordered a chocolate cupcake, and it was a chocolate cake base, with chocolate frosting.  You may be wondering what those little ampoules pipettes stuck in the frosting are?


Luckily I had already had a cupcake at  at VVG Action! so I knew what they were for.  On a side note, I keep calling them ampoules, but my older brother insists that they are “pipettes.” After doing a quick search on google images, of course he’s right. (Aren’t older brothers the best?) The pipettes are filled with a sugar solution, and if you think your cupcake isn’t sweet or moist enough, you can inject the sweetener into your cupcake. I found mine to be just right, so I just ate it the way it was.


The best part of the visit, other than the cupcakes, was the fact that I got to spend time with Laura, of course! We had such a great afternoon  chatting and enjoying our desserts in this fanciful location, filled to the brim with pretty things.



Information: VVG Bon Bon| Dunhua South Road, Section 1, Alley 161, No. 13| Ph: 02-27114505| Opening Hours: 12:00pm~9:00pm

[ 好樣棒棒 ]|台北市敦化南路一段161巷13號|PH:02-27114505


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