The ice cream party trick! 15分鐘的冰淇淋

Recently, I came across this intriguing  ice cream recipe on the “How Stuff Works” website.  Apparently, it’s possible to make ice cream without an ice cream maker, and in just 15 minutes! I happened to have all the ingredients handy, so I couldn’t resist trying it.


According to the How Stuff Works website, you only need an ice cream base (simply made out of milk, sugar and vanilla).  You also need ice rock salt, two ziplock bags, and a canister (with a lid!) to put the ice and ziplock bag of ice cream mixture into.



The science-y part is adding the rock salt to the ice lowers the ice’s temperature to below freezing.  The cold is then transmitted to the ice cream mixture, which then freezes it.  (I think the process is called the endothermic effect, but I barely passed chemistry in high school, so I can’t really be sure…which also explains why my explanation is so brief…I’m just glossing over the science part, and emphasizing the quick, easy and miraculous part of the process!

So you just pour the ice cream into one ziplock bag, seal it, and put it in another ziplock bag to prevent leakage.  Combine the salt and ice cubes, insert the ziplock bag into the canister, surround with ice cubes and shake the container for about 15 minutes or so.


過程其實也很簡單, 就把牛奶, 砂糖,香草精放入夾鏈袋裡面。 再找一個容器放冰塊及粗鹽。把袋子裝近容器裡。 努力的搖 (我是用滾的) 15 分鐘左右。

And much to my delight, in 15 minutes, I had “ice cream! It wasn’t the smoothest or creamiest ice cream in the world, but it was a fun (and quick!) process with tangible results. I can imagine using this as a great party trick, especially if there are kids around.  (You can also experiment with the mixture.  Adding cream instead of milk would make a richer texture and flavor, or you can really get fancy and add Oreo cookie crumbs, or chocolate chips.)


過了15 分鐘, 就真的有冰淇淋可以吃了!雖然不是很精緻的冰淇淋但意思到了。 想象這個下次跟朋友的孩子們聚會的時候跟他們一起玩。而且還可以變化口味。 (應該是有一些化學原理。。。哈 但我也不知道這麼用中文解釋~用英文解釋已經很勉強了, 畢竟我化學課永遠都是放牛班的學生)

I’ve always wanted a “party trick!” Unfortunately, I can’t sing or play the piano. But at least now I know, I could whip up a batch of ice cream whenever! (Oh, and a side note~ isn’t my robot coaster cute? I had them made for a friend’s kid, but I couldn’t resist keeping a few for myself)


The recipe I used can be found here:  After some quick browsing, I’ve discovered that How Stuff Works is such a cool website!  You can spend hours looking through all their useful information. Some may call that procrastinating, but I prefer to call it “information gathering.”

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