Field Trip: VVG Chiffon 好樣喜歡

Information: VVG Chiffon| Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, Alley 181, Lane 40, No. 18| Hours: 12pm~ 9:00 pm| Ph:02-27515313 |好樣喜歡| 台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄18號| Ph:02-27515313 |Website:

Lately, I’ve been really busy at work, so I’ve had less time to bake, or make things. This creative inactivity has left me feeling a little blue, so in order to cheer up, I met my friend Laura for coffee in town.  We had dessert at VVG Bon Bon, and then stopped in a couple of the VVG stores, and afterwards, I felt refreshed, and inspired, as I always do, after visiting the VVGs


最近工作有一點忙所以比較沒有時間做一些creative 的事情。 有一個週末跟好姐妹 Laura 一起去VVG Bon Bon 喝下午茶,順道去了 VVG  Chiffon and VVG Something, 尋找靈感。

Wait until you see what is behind this button-shaped gate!


VVG Chiffon sells a selection of haberdashery and home related items.  Here, you can find all sorts of fun furbelows for your latest sewing or craft project.

It’s also a feast for the eyes. In line with the other VVG stores, such as Thinking, Bon Bon and Something (both of which I’ll post about soon!)  the displays are arranged in a style I refer to as “fun-flea market”


There is a lot crammed into a tiny space! They even utilize the ceiling space to display different types of yarn and string.


VVG Chiffon is also one of the only places in Taipei that sells a fairly big selection of colored Baker’s Twine~ I used to only be able to order it from Etsy; international shipping is so prohibitively expensive that I’m relieved to find a place to purchase it locally.


Several of the signs in the store are handmade, embroidered no less!


VVG Chiffon 雖然空間不大, 但每一個角落都有新奇的東西。 有緞帶,蕾絲,釦子, 布料跟小古董剪刀還有各式各樣的毛線,還有在台灣很難找到的五顏六色的 Bakers Twine.


Towards the back of the store, there are antique cutting tables.  I found some irresistable pretty ribbon in the bottom of this wire basket.


When I got home, I realized that the little paper bag they used for the packaging was actually a page from an advertisement (DM).


Upcycled packaging from VVG Chiffon

回家發現 VVG Chiffon 的包裝很有巧思。其實是一張漂浪的 DM做的小信封。這個英文叫做 “up-cycling” ~換句話說就是廢物利用啦!


Recent purchases from VVG Chiffon: Ribbon and vintage inspired Japanese aluminum clips.

The simple, yet aesthetically pleasing (and environmentally friendly)  inspired me to go through all the DMs and brochures that I’ve been collecting (not hoarding!) and put them into good use.  It only took me a few minutes to make one~ I’m going to use it to send a few washi tape samples,some pretty post-it notes, and a fun sardine shaped paper clip to a friend.


Speaking of washi tape, you can certainly use some washi tape to dress up your envelopes (or to reinforce the seams)


These envelopes only take a few minutes to make, and you probably have all the materials at your fingertips (pages from magazines or advertisements) and some double sided tape. You can customize these envelopes into all different sizes; I’m thinking of making some in the A4 size, so I can stop buying those plastic folders to keep my work papers from going astray.  It’s always on my conscience to be more environmentally friendly, and I’m hoping this little up-cycling project will nudge me further towards that direction. (at the rate I’m going, I’ll never have to buy a pack of envelopes at Office Max again)


我家也剛好堆滿了漂亮,沒什麼用,但又捨不得丟的 DM. 一下子就做了好幾不同size 的信封~有些拿來寄信,有些拿來收納發票,A4 size 的也可以拿來用來裝文件。很意外這個小小的一個 project, 也能帶給我成就感~大家有空也可以試一試。


Information: VVG Chiffon| Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, Alley 181, Lane 40, No. 18| Hours: 12pm~ 9:00 pm| Ph:02-27515313 |好樣喜歡| 台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄18號| Ph:02-27515313 |Website:

(This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all items consumed; all experiences and opinions described are my own)


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