Organizing life and mind: Midori Traveler’s Notebook’s magic formula

Whenever September rolls around, I’m tempted to go Back-to-School shopping for school supplies.  Sometimes, I’m a bit disappointed that I’m a grownup, and usually have to use the same appointment book until January.  The past few years, I’ve used Moleskine planners, and I’ve been quite happy with those.  However, lately, I felt that it was time for a fresh start, both literally and figuratively.

I did some half hearted research, and toyed with the idea of getting a Filofax. But, to be quite honest, I probably will never be a FiloFax person (even though having one it makes me look so grown up!) It’s too heavy for me, and also the rings would drive me crazy. I may aspire to be the Smythson person, but in my current life situation, the price of one of those gorgeous planners should probably be put towards more practical matters, such as food.

I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new planner to my friend Peggy, who said ” oh, you should try Midori Traveler’s Notebook!”  And by sheer luck, when I visited her in Taichung, there was a Traveler’s Notebook exhibit being held at the Eslite branch in Taichung.


Midori Traveler’s Notebook Exhibit (Taichung Eslite)


Midori Traveler’s Notebook Exhibit (Taichung Eslite)


Midori Traveler’s Notebook Exhibit (Taichung Eslite)

I looked through the entire display, and it was easy to decide on the special 5th edition version, which features Hong Kong’s Star Ferry.  As you know, I visited Hong Kong recently, and had a fabulous time, so the Traveler’s Star Edition brings up happy memories for me. 


So many things about Midori Traveler’s notebook spoke to me.  I love leather goods, and the cover is made from a lovely piece of leather.  I’m  left-handed, so I am thrilled that the Midori notebook doesn’t have a spiral binding. Instead, you can “bind”several notebooks together in between the soft covers.  The binding system is a little confusing, and I was lucky to have Peggy explain it to me.


I’ve read online that it’s possible to bind as many as six notebooks together, but I find that three to four notebooks is the magic formula for me.  (One month-by-month notebook, one weekly notebook and one  or two plain notebook(s)) The best part about the Traveler’s Notebooks (or TN) is that they are really customizable.  There are a wide variety of different pockets to choose from. My favorite is this clear one, with a ziplock pocket one one side, and two clear pockets on the other side.


My friend Tiger, who is the owner of  Plain (the best stationery store in Taipei!) also helped me find the perfect pencil to carry with my TN.  It’s the Ohto mini pencil. (even though it looks exactly like a regular pencil, it’s actually a mechanical pencil that can be refilled with No. 5 lead) and it fits perfectly in the front pocket.  This pencil may look familiar to you, because I also included it in a care package, as you may have read here.


Gradually, I also found some bits and bobs that are perfect to use with my TN. Shown here are adorable airplane paper clips by Midori, that I bought at Niko and… in Hong Kong, I also found some similar ones, in the shape of crocodiles.


Another fun find were the scooter and car paper clips, also by Midori.  Both varieties mentioned here hold at least 10 pages of paper, so they’re surprisingly durable, as well as just plain adorable.


I enjoy using the plastic tabs by Post-it, because you can label them, and/or remove them, and move them to a different spot in your TN.


I find that I’ve become better about keeping track of the fun things I do every once in awhile.  I save movie tickets, or train tickets, and make a small note under them.  On busy or blue days, it’s comforting to look back and remember that good times did happen, and will happen again!


I was also fortunate to catch the Traveler’s display over at the Eslite, Dunan Branch in Taipei too!  The shopping experience there was much more hectic than in Taichung. (I had to wait a long time for people to move out of my way for this photo! And it’s a bit blurry because people were jostling me left and right)


Midori Traveler’s Notebook exhibit (Eslite, Taipei)


Midori Traveler’s Notebook exhibit (Eslite, Taipei)

But, there was a different range of products which were not available at the Taichung exhibit. Like these washi tapes.


Midori Traveler’s Notebook exhibit (Eslite, Taipei)

And, if your purchase added up to $500 NTD, then you could also get a small gift.


Midori Traveler’s Notebook exhibit (Eslite, Taipei)

I bought a few things and floated upstairs for a cup of coffee at the cafe.  They also had a table where you could use their stamps, and a few rolls of their MT tapes that you could tear off and paste inside your new notebook. But again, there were so many people in a small space, that I just quickly stamped, ripped off a few pieces of tape and made my escape.


I’ve been using my TN for about two weeks now, and I love it so, so much! Mostly my love comes the versatility. With previous planners, I was always afraid to write too many things down, because I didn’t want to use up all the pages before the end of the year.


But it’s not a problem with the TN, because you can just replace the notebooks as soon as you run out.


You can also hop over to my Instagram, and see how I’ve incorporated my TN into my daily life.

IMG_1650 Enjoy!


  1. I love to read this post so much and envy at the same time because you had opportunity to attend their event. I wish I could visit TN Factory in person one day.

    I’ve got my regular Midori several weeks ago after fell in love with the system months ago. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find any in my home country. So, I ordered from a shop in Netherlands and asked my friend to pick it up. It cost me a lot of fortune, but that’s the price of an originality that I adore. Yes, I do have a Midori-style notebook, but I don’t know why I haven’t any bond with it. So, just like you, I’m happy to keep the one and I can see it will be mine for a long period ahead. Sorry for to long.. 😉

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