Field Trip: VVG Action! 一下午的「好樣情事」~被偷來的小假期

Information:  VVG Action| Eslite Songyan Branch, Level B2F|Ph: 02-66365888#1901|  [ 好樣情事 ] | 台北市信義區菸廠路88號B2F| Ph: 02-66365888#1901

As you may have already figured out, I’m a huge fan of all the VVG restaurants here in Taipei.  I’m always thrilled when I discover one of their restaurants in the nook and cranny of Taipei’s streets. My latest find is VVG Action! at the new (ish) Eslite Songyan branch.  VVG Action! is located in the basement level of the huge complex, and is right next to the Eslite Art House movie theatre.  I popped in for a quick coffee after an indulgent weekday afternoon at the movies (pure bliss!)

告訴你們一個秘密:有一天的下午, 我做了一件平常沒有機會做的事情。。。就是去看電影! 哇。。。原來 weekday 的電影院是那麼寧靜的地方啊? 看完電影本來已經夠享受了, 但有聞到隔壁家的『好樣情事』的咖啡,就突然想喝咖啡。 所以就繼續享受我那一天, 偷來的小假期。



The store is outfitted with vintage movie related paraphernalia. Most of the seating is at the huge wooden communal tables located in the center of the shop.  There are also some more cozy seats towards the back of the shop, and also this row of vintage chairs at this bar.


I love the little vases of flowers dotted along the long communal tables.  They are arranged in small glass vases, and are the most quirky combination of fuzzy, fancy foliage.


I love the format and the font used in their menu~ and of course my favorite page was the desserts menu.


It was close to dinner time, so I just decided to keep it light. I ordered a cafe latte and a cupcake. The cupcake is from their other store, VVG Bon Bon, their branch that specializes in decadent desserts and candy.


They have an assorted collection of cupcakes each day~ the ones available that day were matcha (green tea) and lemon, and chocolate.  I decided to try the matcha one.


I was surprised when the cupcake arrived with this tiny patty of adzuki (red bean) paste, I’m not really a fan of the red bean and matcha combination, that is so popular throughout Asia (I’m more of a matcha on its own, or matcha and chocolate fan) But, I decided to try all three layers, for the sake of research. I pleasantly discovered that the adzuki layer added a gentle sweetness to the bitter matcha.  The matcha frosting is divine, by the way. It’s just the right balance of bitter and sweet. I love how I’ve never been disappointed with the balance of flavors at any of the VVG restaurants. They almost always get it just right!


In case you’re wondering, that little ampoule on the left side is filled with frosting, and you can inject an additional infusion of sweetness, if you so desire.

每次去 VVG Group 的餐廳, 都覺得very very happy. 餐廳環境寬暢,氣氛好,每一個角落都有好玩的小東西看。 而且餐點跟飲料都很棒。 這次我點了一個抹茶杯子蛋糕跟拿鐵。 杯子蛋糕很有層次感。每一層都很搭,甜,苦味都抓的剛剛好。 這碗拿鐵也很有份量。 雖然拿鐵常常喝, 但放在一個重的碗裡喝, 真的是跟平常用紙杯喝的感覺不同。 覺得很享受, 很有在巴黎喝咖啡的感覺 (哈哈)


The latte arrived in a heavy stoneware bowl. (Isn’t the little jug that the rock sugar came in just too adorable for words?)  The latte was nice and strong, and wonderfully frothy, and I enjoyed drinking it from this bowl.  There’s something more substantial about drinking a latte this way, a feeling that you just don’t get from a paper cup with a plastic lid.


I felt really self-indulgent during the short time I spent at VVG Action!  Part of that feeling was most likely derived from the glee of going to the movies on a weekday, and the other part was definitely influenced by the delicious dessert and drink at VVG Action!

在一個下午的時間, 做了兩個平常在這個時段不可能做的事情, 真的有放鬆, 度假的心情。 有時候加把勁把工作有效率的昨晚, 剩下的時間出來玩感覺真的very very good!


Information:  VVG Action| Eslite Songyan Branch, Level B2F|Ph: 02-66365888#1901|  [ 好樣情事 ] | 台北市信義區菸廠路88號B2F| Ph: 02-66365888#1901

(This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all items consumed; all experiences and opinions described are my own)


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