Field Trip: Boîte de Bijou 珠寶盒法式點心坊

I first read about Boîte de Bijou in Sense magazine.  This issue was so enticing that I basically wanted to lick the pages.  先給大家一個忠告~晚上睡覺之前,千萬不要看跟甜點有關的雜誌。 有一個晚上想看一點 light reading, 但翻了兩頁 Sense 雜誌 介紹的法式甜點 別說睡不著, 又馬上進入垂死的掙扎 (就是那個 “要不要吃宵夜??!!吃了會不會肥?!!” 的掙扎)

但我就跟自己 bargain  了一下, 如果晚上不吃 宵夜, 放假時,就可以去visit 報道中介紹的地點之一: 珠寶盒“ (Boîte de Bijou)


Boîte de Bijou’s decor makes you feel like you have stepped off the streets of Taipei, and into a corner of somewhere in Europe.  I love the twinkly lights in the window, and amidst the end of a torrential rain shower, the combined effects made the place look even more like a jewelry box.


Boîte de Bijou 的裝潢簡單,大方。 一進店裡,眼睛的 focus 會直接到可口的麵包, 糕點,甜點上。


要選什麼甜點, 又讓我陷進掙扎的狀態~就“選那一個? 選一個? 還是多選幾個”? 服務生應該常常碰到這種 「呆住」的表情吧, 所以有幫我介紹。後來我選了 “芙蘿”


I had the most difficult time deciding between which dessert to get. All of them looked so toothsome, and well, so beautiful.  I decided then that deciding which dessert to order is worse than deciding on which shoes or handbag to buy, because you could theoretically get all the desserts, with a stomachache as your only consequence.



I finally decided on the heart shaped dessert (shown below on the left side) which is called the “Mousse Fromage Blanc”


That tiny, intricate flower, is made out of white chocolate, and I was surprised to discover that it was a perfectly delicious morsel of white chocolate.


The dessert is encased in an ethereal layer of “fromage blanc.” Formage blanc, which literally translates to “white cheese” in French, is made from cow’s milk, and is similar to yogurt in texture.

這個甜點, 是慕斯蛋糕~外層時白乳酪搭,內層時鳳梨萊姆餡芒果。 非常輕爽 很適合夏天! 我也搭配了一壺 Mariage Freres 茶 (afternoon tea blend) 比較奇怪的事情是, 茶沒有配上鮮奶跟糖。 但我後來覺得沒有關係,因為其實蛋糕是甜的, 配上原味的茶 味道也還可以。


There are several gorgeous, well proportioned layers of  in-season mango, lime, pineapple and and taro (I think) encased in the cloud of formage blanc.  The dessert tasted like what perfection tastes like (if perfection had a flavor). A perfect balance of sweet and sour both from the cheese and fruit, and it was so fresh and delicate that it basically melted in your mouth.



I paired my dessert with a pot of Mariage Freres tea (afternoon tea blend) I was a little surprised that the tea didn’t come with milk or sugar, but the dessert was fairly sweet, so I decided not to bother asking.  (but it would have been nice to be given the option)

In the end, I’m glad I just chose one dessert for this visit.  This way, I can look forward to trying something new during future visits.


I couldn’t resist taking home some bread, I selected two type; a brown sugar loaf, and some pumpkin and cheese rolls.  (It was only about 3 pm in the afternoon, and several of the breads had already sold out!)


I also contemplated taking home a few of the desserts, but I decided they were probably too fragile to make the commute. I also think, that eating these meticulous are all about the atmosphere too.  Sometimes in order to enjoy a dessert wholeheartedly, you need to be in a place with lovely lighting, beautiful lighting and delectable aromas (also being safe with the knowledge that you don’t have to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen also helps up the feeing of contentment immensely!)


Information:  Facebook page  |Address: Anhe location: Anhe Road, Section 2, Lane 209, No.10, PH: 02-27396777


北市安和路2段209巷10號1F PH:02-27396777

北市麗水街33巷19號之1 PH:02-33222461

*I visited the Anhe location.

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