Joyfully shopping for Japanese craft and design items at UGUiSU Online Store

I came across the UGUiSU online store on Pinterest, and I pinned one of their beautiful scarves because I thought the colors were so beautiful. UGUiSU (which is the name of a Japanese bird) sells all sorts of paper, linen, craft items, stationery supplies and jewelry.  Their website is lovely, and most importantly is easy to navigate. One weekend afternoon, I clicked through to their online store, and  spent a happy hour or so there, admiring all of their merchandise, several of which I could see fitting comfortably into my everyday life.  I must have looked through all of their items two or three times before making a decision about what to order!

My package arrived from Tokyo about a week later, and I was enchanted by the compact environmentally friendly packaging which was bundled with washi tape and stamped with a cute bear.


I was even more enchanted once I opened the box to find all the items I purchased so carefully  and thoughtfully packaged. The scarf (right) was packaged in their signature grey wrapping paper, and cheerfully sealed with different colors of washi tape.


My order from UGUiSU: Fog Linen Work linen coated trays, washi tape and ILOITO 100% Cotton Scarf

This time, I ordered the ILOITO  100% cotton scarf  (kasuri hana, red, yellow and blue print) It’s made out of whisper thin cotton voile, and beautifully hand painted with eco-friendly water based ink.  I love the tatty fringe and slightly frayed edges.  The scarf also came tied together with a frayed printed cloth ribbon and tag, booklet and a vellum care-instructions sheet.  The attention to detail is amazing, and makes the scarf feel extra special.


ILOITO 100% Cotton Scarf

I also couldn’t resist ordering two coated linen trays by Fog Linen Work. I love their placemats and dishtowels and I’m sure I will enjoy using these trays everyday too.


Fog Linen Work Coated Tray (small, yellow check)

I did just a few test shots with some of the items I had handy, and you can probably see from these photos that these items from UGUiSU have settled right at home here!


Fog Linen Work coated linen tray (medium, blue stripe) Also, Le Creuset pot and fair trade wooden spoon



Their website is:

UGUiSU ships internationally from Tokyo. My order arrived in Taiwan in just about a week or so.  (UGUiSU will send you an email with your tracking number, so you can track your order online through Japan Post’s website)


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