Refreshing lemon mint ice cubes~ 消暑 & 消火的檸檬薄荷葉冰塊


Lately, the weather here in Taiwan has been hot. Very, very very hot. I don’t know about you, but extreme heat really brings out the monster in me.  You know, that short tempered, eye rolling, extremely impatient beast.  So, one extremely hot weekend morning, I cancelled all my plans in town and decided to mooch around at home. Luck would have it, I had mint and lemons lying around in my fridge.  I quickly shredded and sliced, and threw them in an ice cube tray.

在炎熱的夏天時, 我發覺我很容易不耐煩。一件沒什麼大不了, 雞毛蒜皮的小事情, 能讓我火冒三丈 想大發脾氣。在這種情形下, 待在家裡,做一些“消火” 的料理應該對你我, 都比較好。 但想到要開烤箱, 找出一些有的沒有的器具 就覺得那一把火又要上來了。 然後想到, 做完還要洗碗就感覺真的要我的命了! 還好 翻一下 冰箱剛好有薄荷葉(本來是要買來做薄 巧克力片冰淇淋的)想,可以做一些比較有創意的冰塊。接下來用了我最後一丁點的耐心, 迅速的把薄荷葉跟檸檬切成小塊, 加水, 丟近freezer 裡,


Lemon Mint Ice Cubes

In the meantime, I decamped off to an air conditioned room and read magazines, and possibly took a nap, as one does on lazy weekend afternoons.  After I emerged from my air conditioned lair, I decided I had sufficient energy to make myself a glass of something cool to drink with my lemon and mint ice cubes.

在等待的時間, 我就開著冷氣, 靜靜的看了幾本雜誌。 看累了, 就睡大頭覺。真的是非常悠閒跟 relaxing  的一個下午。 比去市區人擠人,好太多了! (哈老實說, 也超級省錢的)

This was also my great excuse to whip out my new olive wood citrus reamer from Pantry Magic.  The fact that I could grab it from a kitchen drawer, and not have to root through my cabinets for the juicer, made me love this purchase even more.  (Oh, this citrus reamer also works really well)


Olive wood citrus reamer, from Pantry Magic, Hong Kong. Plate from 小器, (Xiaoqi, Taipei)

The rest of my drink consisted of lemon juice, water and a squiggle of honey.

趁機也拿出我在香港買的新廚具 來擠檸檬 發覺超級好用, 心情大好。又找到朋友送的迷你sized 的蜂蜜, 配上其他慢慢收集的廚房小具 心情一瞬間就變的超級好! 在快樂到不行的心情下,隨意調了一杯輕爽的檸檬蜂蜜汁, 加上我的薄荷檸檬冰塊,真的是幸福滿滿。


Honey wand (from Shanghai Street, Hong Kong) Hirota Glass cup from VVG Thinking (Taipei)

Perfectly refreshing, perfectly wonderful. (I think this combination would also work well with other beverages, such as sparkling water, or even pineapple and ginger ale)


Hirota Glass cup from VVG Thinking (Taipei)



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