Field Trip: VVG Thinking (1 year later) 一年的 ”好樣思維“

A year ago, my first “field trip” for Ciao Desserts was at VVG Thinking. I remember thinking, “gosh, I hope get some good ideas.”  That first post snowballed into a couple of other ones, and in a blink of an eye, it’s been one year, and 63 posts. I thought it would be good luck to return to VVG Thinking, the site where it all began, once a year, just to celebrate.

A year later, VVG Thinking is just as I remember it, wonderfully cool and artsy. This time, I sat in a different alcove, and the big table in the center of the room was already set up for a party of 12.

一轉眼, 『焦點心』 也要過一歲生日了! 我第一次為這個 blog 寫文章是在 VVG Thinking (好樣思維)。那時候, 只希望能繼續找到有趣的地方,此序有靈感。 沒想到, 一年的時間, 我也可以寫 63 篇小文章,而且在生活中, 能找到那麼多小靈感。 為了小小慶祝一下, 我最近回到 VVG Thinking 吃午餐。


I think this would be a lovely place for a party. (I think if Ciao Desserts arrives at the five year anniversary point, I ‘ll definitely have a party! )  Right next door to this room, is the kitchen. And you can smell all sorts of delicious smells drifting from this room, sort of  like a preview of upcoming attractions.



After reading their menu, I decided to order the grilled fish and vegetables, which seemed to be a perfect, light summer dish.  這次我點了一盤簡單的烤魚跟 grilled 青菜。 不要看這簡單一盤, 其實真的應該花了不少心思。  魚很新鮮, 而且烤的剛剛好。 旁邊的青菜也很輕爽, 沒有多餘的調味料, 非常可口。 我本來以為吃完, 應該不太飽, 還可以吃甜點, 但後來發覺, 吃完這一盤, 就真的飽了。 所以接下來, 點了一杯飲料, 慢慢喝, 慢慢享受了 VVG Thinking 的氣氛。


And this fish did not disappoint. It was grilled to perfection,  the fish was tender, moist and flaky, the skin was crisp, with just the right amount of salt and just a hint of sweetness.  The bacon-wrapped asparagus was also genius, I loved the combination of salty bacon, paired with sweet, fresh, asparagus.


Surprisingly, this entree was quite filling. By the time I finished eating, I was quite full (and feeling very very virtuous, for eating a relatively healthy meal)

I rounded off my lunch with one of their special drinks, which was a concoction of ginger ale, candied pineapple, mint.


Other than the food, one of the best parts about visiting VVG Thinking is their second floor.  It’s filled to the brim with curious items for your home.


來VVG Thinking 的  treat 就是要到樓上慢慢的逛一逛。 這裡有很多日常生活能用到的東西。 我每次來, 都得到好多靈感。 但重要的事, 幫家裡挑選的東西, 除了好用以外, 也要看的開心。


I love the simplicity of this stainless steel tray from Japan.  I was seriously tempted to buy the three vintage inspired condiment jars (upper left) and the white enamel measuring cups (upper right) but I decided to finish browsing before making a final decision.


I enjoyed these tiny houses.  They look so simple, it’s just a tiny chunk of wood, with a nail stuck into it, but with some imagination, this piece of wood becomes something quite charming.


I was also charmed by these labels, which would be really useful for labeling homemade gifts.


The miniature cake tins I bought last year are a basic item here.  I love mine, and used them recently for my miniature Hong Kong Egg Tarts, but most of the time, I just admire and marvel at how cute they can be.


This ceramic candle holder caught my eye, because it was such an unusual shape. I think it would probably work as a fancy coaster too, if need be.


I finally decided on a purchase for this visit, which was a glass tumbler by Japanese company Hirota Glass.  This company has been creating glassware since 1889.  They have beautiful glassware and plates, and you can see the rest of their collection online here. (I love their Brunch, Grass and vase series)


Also, I’d also like to thank VVG Thinking for being so kind and generous with their time, to a new blogger.  All of their staff, both in the restaurant and in the retail space upstairs are so friendly and welcoming~ they invite you to wander around, and most importantly, they never hurry you! I must have spent a good hour upstairs looking at all the lovely merchandise.  I really felt that this environment really encourages you to choose one or two special items for your home, and to use them frequently in your everyday life.  I always enjoy my visits, and look forward to the next one!


Information: VVG Thinking  Address: Huashan 1914 Cultural & Creative Park |MRT: Zhongxiao Xingsheng Station                                                                  Phone:  (02) 2322-5573 | 華山文創產業區   紅磚六合院 C 棟 (杭州北路 X 北平東路口)


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