Hello Hong Kong! Detour to niko and… & Wired Cafe

On my last day in Hong Kong, I still had some items on my itinerary, and I fully intended to carry them out, despite the inclement weather.  I rushed out of my hotel room first thing in the morning, but a few minutes later, gusts of rain and wind forced me indoors.  Luckily, I happened upon the basement level of Mira Mall, which houses several Japanese labels, including Lowry Farm, Jeanassis, Global Work, a Japanese zaaka store, Niko and..,, and Wired Cafe.  I bought a few tops for work at Global Work, and then leisurely browsed through Niko and… then stopped in for a coffee at Wired Cafe.  At first I was stressed out that I wasn’t making the best use of my time, sitting in a cafe, instead of being on the go, but it turns out, my short time spent at this small corner of Mira Mall felt just the way a holiday is supposed to feel.


這次香港之旅讓我體會到, 其實計劃是永遠趕不上變化的! 本來最後一天也安排了一些行程, 但被大雨delay 到了。 發覺邊找路,邊注意車子, 邊拿雨傘 ,邊躲別人的雨傘,真的是一件很惱人的事情。 越走就越想發脾氣!幸好碰到 Mira Mall 的小角落, 有一些小小的日本服飾跟雜貨店,還有一間看起來很 cheerful 的咖啡店。我就臨時決定把其他比較不重要的行程取消,好好的享受一下在香港悠閒的時光。 很悠閒的買了機件衣服,然後逛了一下日本雜貨店 Niko and… 欣賞了店裡可愛跟有創意的裝潢跟擺設(也得到不少靈感喔!)


I browsed leisurely in Niko And…(Niko stands for: Nobody I Know Own Style) which sells a little bit of everything, from stationery, housewares, knickknacks and clothing and accessories. I really enjoyed the ways they displayed their merchandise.  Rolls of washi tape are placed under sheets of wrapping paper, which are hung from the ceiling using colorful strings.


Glasses and mugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes are also displayed on wooden shelves. If I hadn’t already had a suitcase full of kitchenware from both Shanghai Street and Pantry Magic, I would have had a harder time resisting these lovely ones here.


One merchandise display that I really found to be inspiring was a wall covered in pretty wrapping paper.  The wall also had several postcards on display.


However, instead of using the usual wire racks, the post cards are individually hung by a tiny piece of MT tape, hooked onto a nail.  It’s such a simple idea of folding a piece of MT tape in half, and punching in a hole, but so creative and useful at the same time!


I can totally use this idea in my own living space! Usually when I’m out and about in my daily life, I don’t really have the time to notice such tiny details.  But it’s such a treat when I do discover something like this.

Next, I stopped into Wire Cafe, for a cup of coffee. I liked the open plan of this cafe.  Most importantly, there is quite generous spacing between the tables.  Space is such a rare luxury in Hong Kong.

還有坐下來悠哉了喝了一杯咖啡, 翻翻雜誌,還有想一想事情。


The decor of Wired Cafe is dominated by a sunny yellow wall, (which kind of reminds me of cinderblocks) and cheerfully colored mismatched furniture.


It was about lunchtime, and several people dropped in for a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat.  There are also several magazines available for browsing.  I was happy to discover a recent issue of Monocle, which I leisurely read from cover to cover, during my stay.


As I mentioned early, the tables are spaced just the right distance apart, so you can hear the general hubbub of people nearby, but not the actual words of their conversation.  In addition to my latte, I also ordered a Dutch Baby.  (At Wired Cafe, they are called “Baby Pancakes,”  but if you took Home Economics in the early 1990s, like I did, they are called “Dutch Babies.”)


The latte arrived in a cute, chunky mug from Niko and… next door.  The Dutch Baby arrived in a small cast iron pan, and was accompanied by a slice of lemon, whipped butter and syrup. (for an extra fee, you can add other toppings such as ice cream, or choose from a selection of savory toppings)


Dutch Baby (Wired Cafe, Mira Mall, Hong Kong)

As I remember from my Home Ec classes of yesteryear, Dutch babies are oven baked pancakes, made from eggs, sugar, butter and milk.  They are usually also served with a generous layer of powdered sugar. Since there was already both butter and sugar in the pancake, I just added a squeeze of lemon on top of mine. The pancake was fluffy, buttery and all together delicious.  Perfect for soothing frazzled nerves.


Perfect rainy day activity (Mira Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong)

As I look back on my three days in Hong Kong, I realized that I really had a wonderful time. I had the chance to spend a lot of time indulging in a favorite past time, see new sights, and laugh with my friends.  A lot of people mentioned that they don’t see Hong Kong as a particularly relaxing travel destination, and I agree that it is easy to be overwhelmed in this city full of noise, people, traffic and buildings.  But I also found that it is just as easy to find a corner, that captivates my interest, and is absorbing enough for me to accept about all the background noise.  I look forward to many more trips in the near future!

其實旅行最後一天,我也沒有特別做什麼, 但感覺很棒。真的有放鬆的感覺。平常在忙碌的日常生活裡, 腦袋瓜不停的轉,轉到累或是碰到障礙也不能停下來。 但出國小小的旅行,迷路,看看不同的風景,吃一些好吃的東西,打岔一下,就突然感覺現實生活其實也沒有那麼糟,但只是要轉個彎, 其實前面還有很多沒有想到的可能性在我面前。 回家, 專心, 努力, 開心過日子, 期待下次旅行的機會!


Information:  Mira Mall | 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.



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