Hello Hong Kong! Shopping for kitchenware at Pantry Magic 品廚廚具專賣店

Also on my “must-do” list for Hong Kong was a visit to Pantry Magic, which is located on Lok Yu Road, in Central.  One of the reasons I was excited about visiting this store, was because I read that it’s a place where you can find practically everything needed for a well-stocked kitchen, all under one roof.

In my experience, stores like Pantry Magic are quite rare in Asia, where oftentimes you have to go to one store for pots and pans, one for Western cooking supplies, another for Asian cookware, one store for baking pans, and yet another store for dishes.  There are huge stores like IKEA, where you can find a bit of everything,  but no customer service, or the “home” department of department stores, where the prices are oftentimes higher.

熱愛研究,逛,買廚具的我, 在香港也沒忘了去 Pantry Magic (品廚)看看。 如果你熱愛廚具, 一定要來這裡尋寶。店裡明亮,各式各樣的廚具展示的整整齊齊的, 真的會讓你想把店裡的商品全部抱回家。 (我也不例外~除了買了一堆台灣比較少見的廚具,連炒菜鍋都抗到香港地鐵上,抱回台灣!)


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

And what a lovely (well air conditioned) roof Pantry Magic is! Best of all, it’s absolutely filled to the brim with assorted kitchen goodies.


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

There are inspiration and ideas in every corner.  Look at the vibrant colors of these dish towels!


Some people dream about fancy cars, but my dream machine… is the Kitchen Aid Mixer.


There are also some items that would be excellent gifts, such as these mini-cocottes, (I have a similar one from Le Creuset, and it makes me happy just to look at it)


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

Another interesting gift idea is this combination of rolling pin and ravioli tin. I’ve never made ravioli from scratch before, but I’m sure I would try it at least once (hint, hint)


Ravioli Maker Gift Set Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

Seeing this cute egg cup on a shelf in the store totally cracked me up…


Egg Cup Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

All the items are not only neatly lined up, but also displayed in a well-lit, logical setting, so you can see all related tools in one spot.


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

What I especially like about Pantry Magic (and one aspect that I think makes Pantry Magic stand out from all the cookware stores I’ve gone to) is that they have these educational sheets hung up next to the tools.  For example, the wall of whisks is impressive, but daunting.


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

What really helped me make my purchase was seeing this sheet about “Choosing the right whisk for the job.”  I ended up choosing a balloon whisk, based exactly on this sheet!  This is not to say that I wasn’t tempted by any of the other whisks (the flat whisk looks amazing!) but I made sure I bought what I needed first, which was a balloon whisk.


Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

Since I’ve been using a lot of citrus in my kitchen lately, a citrus reamer was next on my list.  I was delighted to find one in olive wood at Pantry Magic, which according to the information sheet resists odors and stains, and is extremely durable.


I also bought a non-stick wok by Typhoon~ this brand isn’t available in Taiwan (yet) which explains why I lugged it all the way home. (Note to self, next time do not take a wok on the MTR. Especially during rush hour)


Typhoon Wok (Pantry Magic, Hong Kong)

This wok has a carbon steel body, and a asymmetrical shape, which makes it easier to flip and toss food. I was drawn to this wok for its relatively reasonable price, and the heft. My current wok is T-Fal, and it is so light that it slides off of my gas burner, which I’m sure is terribly unsafe.  The Typhoon wok needs to be seasoned, which is why I haven’t started using it yet, but once I do, I’ll write a review.

In addition to some other small odds and ends, I also bought a cookie stamp (the one on the left, that says “made with love”) which I will enjoy using for all my cookie gifts.


Cookie Stamp Pantry Magic (Hong Kong)

I’ll have some follow up posts about how I’ve started to use these products in my kitchen. Stay tuned…


Information: Pantry Magic|25 Lok Yu Road, Central, Hong Kong |香港中環樂古道25號地下|
Tel: 2504 0688
| Open everyday 10:30am – 7:30pm.|Website: www.pantry-magic/hongKong

PS- I hear there is also a Pantry Magic in Taipei in the Tienmu neighborhood, but I haven’t been there (yet!)



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