Hello Hong Kong! Sparking my curiosity at C’est la B

I first have to start this review with a warning. C’est La B is seriously hard to find. I thought since it was located in the Harbour City department store, it should be relatively easy to locate.

I. Was. Wrong. Harbour City isn’t your usual department store. It’s a massive 2 million square feet shopping mall. It took me about an hour and a half of wandering, asking for directions for three times before I found C’est la B.  I was at my wits end, and ready  to leave this mausoleum and forget about the whole matter. However, my trip back to the hotel was interrupted by a massive rain shower that sent people squealing for cover (um… it’s only rain?!) After quickly realizing that finding a taxi was completely impossible, I decided to go back inside to wait out the downpour. It was then, I saw the discreet sign for C’est la B.  (!!!) I skipped up the steps and into this dimly lit room.


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

The staff was busy looking out the windows at the rain, so no one noticed me for the first few minutes I was in the store.   I took advantage of the time and snapped some photos of the interior.


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

The decor is definitely different than any shop that I’ve been in.  I’m not sure how I feel about the black and white striped floor, and the riot of colors and patterns, but I was definitely enchanted by the teapot lamps. (I want one!)


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

Of course, all the focus were on the cakes. Unfortunately, my longed for Lollipop cake was no longer available.  In fact, the only sliced cake that was available was a chocolate orange cake, which failed to spark my fancy at all.


Ebony and Ivory Cake (top left) Kaleidoscope  Cake (front) C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

A variety of their “taster” size cakes were available at C’est la B. There was also several “sweets” cups, small portions of desserts “so yummy we had to put it in a cup.” I think they were panna cotta and mousses, but I’m not completely sure.


Unfortunately, I didn’t feel as if the staff were that interested in the cakes.  They didn’t really answer any of my questions about the cake or the ingredients.  They just seemed impatient for me to order, so I quickly ordered the a lemon flavored cake, and a soup and salad for dinner.  The clam chowder was creamy, with fresh vegetables and several rather chewy clams.  The salad was quite refreshing (is it just me, or is it hard to come by fresh fruits and vegetables when you are traveling?) and splashed with a light vinaigrette dressing.


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

The cake I selected was called “Sunshine,” which is a lemon and poppy seed chiffon cake, with a lemon curd filling.


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

The cake was fluffy and moist, and the lemon curd was just the right balance of tangy and sweetness. However, I thought the element that truly elevated the cake from ordinary to exceptional was the wafer thin crust at the bottom of the cake.  It’s hard to describe the exact texture, but it was a surprisingly sandy, crispy, yet not gritty. Combined with the airy cake and creamy lemon curd, this tiny detail really made this cake interesting.


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

This tiny cake left me curious for more of Mrs B’s cakes. I love the fact that they use all natural ingredients, and admire their meticulous attention to detail to every cake.  On my next trip, I will brave the crowds at Sevva and try their original crunch cake and chocolate cakes. 


C’est la B (Harbour City, Hong Kong)

Information: Shop G111, G/F Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong| Phone: +852 3102 2838| Website: http://www.msbcakery.hk |


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