Product Discovery: Nordic Ware Baking Pans at City Super(諾迪威造型烤盤)

I always do a quick glance at the bakery supplies shelf at City Super, whenever I’m there doing my grocery shopping.  This time, I was so happy to discover these baking pans from Nordic Ware!  I may, or may have let out a tiny shriek of delight when I saw this ice cream cone cupcake pan.
每次有機會去 City Super 買菜的時候, 我都會去他們的洪培區看看有沒有新的產品。 最近他們的 選擇真的變了很多~ 這次讓我眼睛發亮,心跳加速的是這些可愛的 “諾迪威” 烤盤。 第一個吸引我的是冰淇淋造型的烤盤 !

後來發覺, 其實烤盤真的很難拍照, 道理是往那一邊拍,才會看出它的美跟特點呢? 因為 City Super 每一次都是滿滿的人, 我也沒時間好好研究這個問題。 但相信我! 這些烤盤真的是非常有創意~ 除了可以烤迷你 bundt cake (磅蛋糕) 還可以烤一座仙女屋!!

Ice cream cone cupcake pan (side view)

And my happiness continued, as I browsed the rest of the display, to discover mini- bundt pans and mini pie pans.
My other favorite discovery was their fairy tale cottage cake pan! There are so many intricate details in this baking pan.
Sorry for the terrible photo quality. City Super is well, super-crowded, and I had to dodge other customers, and ignore people giving me some seriously judge-y looks (i.e. “what is this crazy person doing?” I don’t get it, why is taking photos of food not a social faux-paus, but taking photos of food-related items strange?)
After I got home, before I even put my groceries away, I started to research Nordic Ware.  According to their website, their baking pans are made in the USA, from cast aluminum.  The ones I saw in-store, felt quite hefty and substantial.  They also come with a lifetime warranty, which I really admire.  到家後菜都還沒放冰箱 就趕緊上網查查 諾迪威公司的資訊。 發覺是一家美國老字號的店, 從1946 年開始營業,到現在還是堅持在美國自造。他們公司的經典款就是他們的 Bundt Cake pan (磅蛋糕烤盤)在他們網頁上也看到了好多喜歡的烤盤! 比較特殊的點是, 他們的烤盤會有 regular sized  (8 寸) 蛋糕, 但還有迷你蛋糕(一盤可以烤4-6 個)更吸引我的事,每一盤迷你蛋糕,還可以烤2-3 種不同造型的蛋糕。 這讓我覺得非常方便, 可以一下子烤好幾個, 分送給親朋好友, 每一個人吃一個小蛋糕, 也不太會有負擔。
And of course, I couldn’t  resist compiling a Nordic Ware baking pan wish list! I like the fact that Nordicware also makes smaller versions of their cake pans, so you can bake two individual sizes in each pan.  As you may remember, I like to bake sturdy, easily transportable (and therefore share-able!) desserts. The tiny three-tierd wedding cake would be adorable as wedding favors, or even in place of a giant wedding cake. Also, how fun would it be to give away a house-shaped cake for either Christmas, or as a housewarming or hostess gift?  Probably first on my wish list are the min-bundt shaped pans. You can either make three different, more ornate shapes with the pan on the bottom left, or classic bundt cake with the pan on the bottom right hand corner. I would also have such a great time finding the perfectly sized box and ribbon to package them in!
Nordicware Baking Pans

For more information, visit NordicWare at their website here:  
In Taiwan, I saw Nordicware pans at City Super, Sogo Branch, in Taipei.

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