Hello Hong Kong!


Original Image Source: The Telegraph

I’m so excited to share with all of you that I will be visiting Hong Kong for three days this week!  During this trip, I’m planning on visiting Hong Kong’s version of kitchen street, which is located on Shanghai Street in the Kowloon area. I’m also looking forward to sampling the colorful and fanciful cakes from Mrs. B, at C’est la B. Of course there are many other stops on my itinerary, but I will whet your appetites with just these two for now!


Trip planning, with caramel latte in hand.

暑假一到就很想去放風~ 下週要出差 所以就很有藉口在香港停留幾天好好的度一個迷你假期。 要去做什麼呢? 先跟大家賣個關子吧~很多行程會是跟廚具跟甜點有關喔~ 大家期待一下吧  一回來就馬上跟大家分享!

Happy summer!

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