Mesmerizing video part VI: Chocolate fondants ~ 迷人影片 Part 6

Who knew that watching water boil could be so interesting? This is why I’m such a huge fan of the videos by Carte Noire.  They magnify the most mundane parts of the dessert making process, and somehow make it the most interesting.  I never thought much about slicing butter, or brushing it onto a baking pan, but watching it here, I feel that even that simple task, deserves some attention.

常常會有人問我,你做甜點的樂趣是什麼? 吃嗎? 當然吃是重要的, 但我更享受的是過程,還有每次都期待那個moment~ 就每一個食材都連心合作變成一個完整作品那剎那。 發生了幾百次 但每次覺得是一個 miracle.  我喜歡這系列的影片也是相關的原因。他們把每一個細節,每一個步驟都當成藝術在拍。看了覺得真的很好奇, 而且也要不斷提醒自己, 要注意細節及過程,不要只關注到結果。


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