Mesmerizing video part V: Passionfruit mango mousse~ 迷人的影片 part V

Now that mango season is here in Taiwan, I can’t wait to make some mango flavored desserts!  Last year I made a lot of mango and passionfruit sorbet,  and I’m sure I will continue to this year. I also want to try my hand at making mango ice cream with coconut milk instead of cream.  We also have some gorgeous pineapple available in the markets, and I’m sure they will pair well with mangoes too.

夏天真的到了。 天氣熱到不行,但往好的方向想, 也是吃水果的好季節。 看到市場開始賣芒果 就馬上想把它們變成 ice cream. 大家期待一下即將研發出來的新口味喔!也可以看看一下的影片來找一下靈感!

I feel so inspired by this video from Carte Noire. This video shows the process of making mango passionfruit mousse~and espresso “caviar.” Visually, it’s a treat, but realistically, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around coffee and fruit flavors at the same time, in the same dessert.





  1. 我看不太懂他怎麼做出粉圓的!但要拍出這樣的影片,同一個步驟不知道要做幾百次,真厲害

  2. 昨天才剛吃完仙草+粉圓+奶油球,真是意外的搭!簡直天造地設的一對,所以可能芒果跟粉圓也很搭,只是我們沒吃過

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