Product Introduction: Studio M dishes & Fog Linen Kitchen and Table Linen

As promised, here are the dishes and kitchenware I purchased at xiaoqi a few weeks ago. During that visit, I bought a bowl, plate and spoon and a dishtowel and placemat from Fog Linen.The crockery is from a Japanese company called Studio M. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but now that I know of them, I think I’m a customer for life!

上次去逛小器的赤峰28 的 charming 小店的時候, 買了幾個小東西想跟大家分享! 主要是想買耐用跟耐看的Fog Linen Work 抹布跟餐巾。也順道看到了一些蠻使用的碗盤,所以也一起把他們帶回家了。 碗盤是日本 Studio M  的。是我第一次發現這個牌子, 而是  love at first sight!  這些碗不會太過渡的花俏,重量也剛好。


Studio M dishes are a combination of practical, quirky and substance.  Each dish has a different type of  stamp on the bottom. The bottoms are also sanded smooth so they won’t scratch your tabletop.  I’ve had some problems with ceramic dishes in the past, where the bottoms aren’t smooth, but it’s definitely not an issue here!


I was also thrilled to find linen dishcloths and placemats by Fog Linen a company that I’ve admired from afar.  According to their website, the textiles are designed in Japan, and the linen is spun from flax in Lithuania.

At first I was hesitant about buying the dishcloth, fearing that for the price, it wouldn’t withstand everyday wear and tear.  The shop assistant in the floral shop downstairs said “we use ours everyday, you see?”  Said dishcloth was indeed well used, and still looked fabulous.  The fabric is super absorbent, quick drying  (two important elements in a humid Taiwanese kitchen, especially during rainy season!) and gets softer with each use.


I also bought this cute hand dipped and glazed spoon, and akin to their bowls and plates, Studio M is also fastitidious about the details, even on this tiny spoon.  The glaze is applied differently at the front and back of the spoon.


My parents went fruit picking in Miaoli, and brought back some peaches and mini-plums,  and I thought they would look perfect in my new dishes.


Since then, the Studio M dishes and Fog Linen fabrics have settled right at home in my kitchen. They make whatever I’m using them for feel a little bit more special. (sorry about the abysmal lighting in these photos. It’s the rainy season in Taiwan, and we have been having some seriously gloomy weather for the past few weeks).


Honey Cake (Kasutera) on Studio M plate and Fog Linen placemat


Information:  As mentioned, I bought my Studio M dishes and Fog Linen Work’s linens from xiaoqi, and they can be purchased online , but I recommend that you visit their charming store at Chifeng 28  | Chifeng 28 No. 28-3 Chifeng Street Datong District, Taipei, 103 t| Phone: 02-2555-6969|MRT:Zhongshan Station, Exit 2 |赤峰28 台北市赤峰街28之3號 02-2555-6969(12:00 – 20:00 週一至週日 )                                                                                                                                               You can also browse and purchase Fog Linen Work’s products on their website here:


  1. 好開心台中也有這一間分店,Studio M的設計很有質感,看別人的部落格才知道這個品牌有出『時計』這個擺飾,設計師想要告訴我們要珍惜平凡生活的每一個樸實的當下!很棒的設計師

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