Good friends are like stars~像星星的好朋友

Lately, life has been punctuated by some unpleasant and stressful events.  I was on my way of the house when my eye fell on this magnet that I have stuck on my front door.  (This magnet was a gift from Natalie, and it’s one of the best quotes, ever).


最近發生了一些苦惱的事情。出門前眼睛剛好掃到以前好朋友送我的裝飾品; 上面寫的 “好朋友就像星星。你總是看不到他們,但你知道它們一直存在”  那天, 我就鼓起勇氣帶著這些 ”星星“ 出門,後續幾天, 也是靠這些星星的力量撐過的。

To alleviate some of the stress, I turned to a familiar cookie recipe. I was also inspired by the quote on the magnet to use my star-shaped cookie cutter.   It was a soothing process to mix together the ingredients, roll out the dough and cut out the same uniform pieces over and over again.


A few hours later, I had neat rows of completed star shaped cookies.  I put a few in a box to send to one of the first friends I called for advice on how to handle the situation. Sometimes I’m not so great at expressing my feelings of gratitude, so I hope these cookies will help me articulate what I can’t always put into words.


Thank you to my family and friends, both near and far.




  1. Yummm stars…too bad I wasn’t closer in case you had too many stars and didn’t know what to do with them;)

    • Nat~ I have to admit, I ate a fair share of those stars myself. What is it about butter-based cookies being the ultimate comfort food? (wouldn’t it be easier if I felt this way about kale or carrots?) By the way, this is the best sugar cookie recipe that I’ve tried. I’ll email it to you, so you can make some too!

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