Vintage enamel plates~傳家之寶的盤子

My friend Joy brought me an enamel plate back from one of her visits to Japan.  I loved it at first sight. At the same time, I also thought this plate looked really familiar…


最近很流行琺瑯盤子跟鍋具~之前 Joy  去日本的時候幫我帶了一個可愛的盤子回來。 我非常喜歡, 而且有覺得很眼熟。。。 原來以前在我外婆外公家 就是用類似這一種碗盤。我問了婆婆這些盤子還在不在,她說 “找一下, 應該找的到, 我確定沒有丟”

It turns out, my grandma has used similar plates on her dinner table for years and years. I recently asked her if she still had these dishes, she said “oh, I think so.”  My dear grandma then rooted around in the back of her kitchen cupboards and found the remaining few pieces left over from the original set.

These enamel dishes are  at least 50 years old, very well-worn, with a few dents and chips. But I love them. They remind me of all the meals I have eaten at my grandmother and grandfather’s house.  We would always eat our meals together, and all sorts of delicious food would be served on these very dishes.  Now I’m so happy to have these dishes in my collection.


果然, 在外婆家的廚房的櫃子找到了! 現在這些盤子就是我的了~ 盤子用了那麼多年,有一些歲月的痕跡。也裝滿了我的童年的回憶。



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