When life gives you lemons, add vinegar~ 經濟實惠的全天然檸檬清潔劑

I love lemons.

Lemon sorbet, lemon ice cream, lemon yogurt cake, lemon craisin cookies, I’m always looking for an occasion to include lemons in a dessert. Since lemons are a bit expensive in Taiwan, I try to get as much use out of one as I can. I zest, I juice, and I recently discovered over at the Style Me Pretty blog that I can use lemon peels to make an all-purpose cleaner!


The instructions are very easy:  Fill a jar with vinegar and lemon peels and let sit for two weeks.  Remove the lemon peels.  You now have deliciously scented all purpose cleanser that you can use on windows, floors, and in all those nooks and crannies of your home.  (It also works as disinfectant)



我超級喜歡檸檬的! 覺得檸檬放在各式各樣的甜點裡都很加分。 最近還發現其實檸檬也是一個萬用清潔劑! 把白醋跟檸檬皮丟進一個玻璃罐裡, 兩個星期過後, 再把皮取出~就變成一個完全天然,有檸檬香的萬用清潔劑了!而且放在一個漂亮的小容器裡 就不會忘了用。




After two weeks, I decanted my lemon vinegar into this glass soap dispenser from IKEA and I keep it in a convenient spot, right next to the kitchen sink.





Original Source: http://www.stylemepretty.com/collection/226/picture/1326725/


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