Mesmerizing Dessert Video Part II: Coffee with cream from Carte Noire 迷人的影片 III: 咖啡 & 鮮奶油

This video from Carte Noire is absolutely hypnotic.  And strangely soothing.  And metaphoric. I was having the most frazzled day, ever.  Until I saw this video about the process of making coffee with cream.  Even if the cream boils over (at 0:23) eventually everything will return to its rightful place.

忙碌的一天 終於有一點點自己的時間~ 就來看一下 Carte Noire 的咖啡加鮮奶油的製作過程。想不到~影片看完覺得 calm down  很多。 (不管過程有時候會有一點小插曲 堅持下去 把步驟完成 總是會有結果的!)




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