Field Trip: Plain Stationery and Homeware~ Care Package 的據點

In the past few months, I’ve been so lucky to receive care packages in the mail from my family and friends. Inspired by their kindness and thoughtfulness, I decided to put together a care package for a young cousin who has recently begun studying abroad. I wanted to send her a few fun, yet useful items, and also a sweet treat to give her a taste of home.

回想一下 小時候住美國的時候 我的奶奶跟外婆會偶爾從台灣寄出一大箱的東西給我們~  裡面會裝玩具,衣服 還有一些我爸媽會懷念的家鄉食物 (像泡麵 還有豬耳朵餅乾)後來我去英國讀書的時候 我爸爸也會寄包裹給我 ,裡面也是塞滿了在當地很難買到的東西~像各式各樣的麵條,高湯塊, 等等。美國人稱呼這些裝的滿滿的愛的箱子叫作 ”Care packages.”  在西方文化 Care packages 是從 World War II 開始的一個 concept.  美國政府會寄一箱 一箱的乾糧給軍人。 每一箱是有 10-in- 1  的概念, 就代表一箱 裝的是10 人份的食物。


The original Care Packages from World War II (Source: 原始的 Care Package

Care packages 裡面除了會有基本的罐頭, 也會放一些讓日常生活有點樂趣的食材, 像咖啡,果獎,巧克力。

回到現時生活, care packages 當然有不一樣的意義。 我偶爾也會收到朋友寄來的小禮物。 一看到 Peggy 寄來的小貼子, 小堂妹從加州寄來的餅乾, 及哥哥弟弟從德國寄來的糖果跟 cookie cutters, 讓我覺得又驚喜,又開心, 又感動。因為其實要準備一個 care package, 是要花蠻多時間跟心思的。這次我想分享最近幫小堂妹準備的一個小小的 care package.

A wonderful place to shop for care package items is at Plain Stationery and Homeware, a tiny shop tucked in a quiet street behind the Taipower Building in Taipei’s Gongguan neighborhood. Plain is owned by one of my former colleagues, Tiger, and his lovely wife Melody.  Together, they have curated a thoughtful selection of delightful stationery and objects for their store. Both are stationery aficionados, and they have an encyclopedic knowledge of pens, pencils, papers, notebooks, and handy little tools.

我這次準備的 care package 其實是很迷你size 的。 裡面裝的的東都是希望日常生活能用到的小東西。當然也有include 一點小確幸~(我猜在國外應該很少找到龍眼口味的糖果吧!)

The four items I bought at Plain to put into this care package were: this “Beans Cut” cutting tool. This little gizmo is literally the size of a bean, and it can be used as scissors or a razor blade if you’re in a pinch.


I love the vintage look of these Japanese aluminum brass clips. You can use them to clip your papers together, or in my case, I use them to display my Polaroid snaps.


This mini automatic pencil and this stainless steel angle ruler are two of my favorite items in this care package.  Both of these are easily transportable and can come in handy throughout the day.


To complete the care package, I added a tiny spiral notebook from Muji (in my opinion, you can never have enough of those!) a roll of Hi-Chew’s (the Taiwanese version of Starbursts, which come in flavors like peach, grape, or more unusual, Dragon Fruit) and a tiny eraser shaped like a strawberry sandwich cookie.





Lastly, I popped in a quick note, snapped on the lid, and the package was ready to be put in the mail.



Please note that many of Plain’s products are available online at their website:  However, I totally recommend you stop by the store to see the treasures Tiger and Melody have collected from all corners of the world. (Ask to see the hand-sewn package from Peru!)

Tiger also has a separate blog, Stationeria  and a book out about stationery.

Information:  Plain Stationery and Homeware | Roosevelt Road, Section 3, Lane 210, Alley 8, No.10| Ph:  0975 875 120| Hours: W-F 2:00pm-8:00pm, S-Sun 1:00pm-7:00pm

直物 生活文具|台北市羅斯福路三段210巷8弄10號| 0975 875 120|W-F 2:00pm-8:00pm, S-Sun 1:00pm-7:00pm


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