Whistle while you work: Julie & Julia Soundtrack 的音樂

I recently re-watched one of my favorite films Julie & Julia, and I was reminded again how much I love this movie!  美味關係這個電影是我的favorite 電影之一。 每次看都有新的感觸。電影原聲帶也很好聽~一系列活潑跟有趣的歌曲。 是工作時候的好伙伴!

julia child quote

Lately, the soundtrack from the film is my favorite background music for working. The soundtrack is a lively combination of instrumentals composed by French Composer Alexandere Desplat, and also includes Doris Day’s sunshine-y version of “A Bushel and a Peck, and the hilarious song Mes Emmerdes (which means “Pretty Shitty Days”in French).

You can listen to the soundtrack here:


(在Sony 的網站可以聽到這個原聲帶喔!)

PS- When I’m totally stressed out, sometimes I inadvertently  find myself humming the words to Talking Head’s “Psycho Killer.”  When I realize that I’m doing this, it usually cracks me up. Attention diverted, and stress averted.





  1. 你喜歡聽的歌,跟你本人的穿搭行事風格果然不大一樣!你喜歡的音樂是給人歡樂的感覺呢!

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