Field Trip: Les Bébés Cafe and Bar ~ Celebrating 生活的點點滴滴

Update: Les Bébés Cafe and Bar is now closed

The first impression that popped into my mind once I stepped into Les Bébés Cafe and Bar, is that it feels like a jewel box!  As soon as you walk in the door, you can see that everything here is thoughtfully and carefully chosen. Even the doorknob is cute!


Aside from the dazzling selection of cupcakes, the second item that caught my fancy was the yellow KitchenAid Mixer sitting on one of the countertops. (Magic can emerge from that mixer!)



Les Bébés’ decor  provides several points of visual interest.  The soft, neutral decor with cheery pops of color also makes the space feel special and inviting.  The seats are also thoughtfully appointed, with some quiet corners, and more centrally placed tables.  You could easily have a lively brunch here, with a bunch of friends, or just meet a couple of your best friends here for a heart-to-heart talk.


I was led to my table by the manger, Van. During my visit, there was some construction going on upstairs, so it was a bit noisy.  Van not only apologized several times for the noise, and even offered me a complimentary glass of wine.  But I was so happy to be in such a pretty environment, that I honestly really didn’t mind the noise.


Van also brought out an iPad to show me their menu items.  All of the photos looked delectable, but I was really after one particular menu item. The Provence Pumpkin Salad, which I first read about at Hungry Girl’s blog.  You may ask, why such excitement for a salad?  Allow me to digress a bit; here are two photos of the typical salads that can be found in Taiwan.


More often than not, they usually consists of some lackluster iceberg lettuce, and is drenched in dressing. Sometimes you get a few breadcrumbs and a sprinkling of “bacon” bits. You might even get a bonus cherry tomato thrown in.  Oftentimes there are (canned) corn niblets. And yes. Sometimes there are raisins too.  So I never usually have high expectations when it comes to salads.  But,after reading Hungry Girl’s description of the Provence Pumpkin Salad,  I knew that the warm salad at Les Bébés would be a completely different experience.


In addition to leafy greens, the salad comes with generous slices of roasted pumpkin, baby cabbage, teeny ears of corn, peppers, tomatoes, king oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a slice of grilled tofu, all gently bathed in a light red balsamic glazing. The salad is also accompanied by a buckwheat salsa, which was light and gently spiced.  It was a perfect balance of textures and flavors. The Provence Pumpkin Salad was hearty enough to be an entire meal, leaving me with just enough room for dessert and coffee.

最近很幸運的看到 Hungry Girl 的 blog post 介紹的 貝貝西點。如果平常有跟我吃飯的人, 都知道我很重要的資訊來源都是從Hungry Girl 的 blog. 她的blog 是我在台灣的救生圈 (lifesaver) 我在台灣如果想吃墨西哥菜, 想吃漢堡,想吃美式甜點,就一定先看看 Hungry Girl 有什麼推薦。

最近看到她推薦 貝貝西點的 「普羅旺斯 南瓜沙拉」 就覺得很 happy!  因為在台灣炎熱的夏天, 我特別懷念以前在美國吃的沙拉。 在美國有些沙拉是豐盛的到可以代替主餐的。   貝貝西點的普羅旺斯 南瓜沙拉是一個輕爽有有飽足感的一餐

而且吃完 還有 room for dessert.   貝貝西點的 cupcakes 是我回台灣後吃到最好吃的 cupcakes!  杯子蛋糕分兩個size,  cupcake(W7xH8 cm) 跟 baby cake (w4 X H4.5 cm) 種類也很多,有美國經典口味 跟一些在地 inspired 的口味。

For dessert, I ordered the Pink Rose Salt Latte and three baby cakes.  There were so many flavors to choose from, that I was basically paralyzed with indecision.  But somehow, I managed to narrow down my choices to red velvet, Earl Grey and Baileys.


The Pink Rose Salt Latte was also a treat. There was just the right amount of pink salt on top. I kept wondering where the hint of rose flavor was coming from.  Then I realized it was emanating from the tiny pink rosebud floating on top of the latte foam.


I haven’t had  red velvet cake since I left the U.S., so I forgot how much I missed the flavor. With a touch of cream cheese frosting, it was perfection.


Earl Grey is one flavor that I have learned to love over time, so I was intrigued by an Earl Grey flavored cupcake. Most of the flavor is concentrated in the cloud-like, melt in your mouth whipped cream frosting.


The baby cakes are the perfect two-bites size. The first bite, you are filled with wonder, and you can’t wait to take the second bite.  And before you have a chance to feel even remotely guilty, they have disappeared.

I genuinely enjoyed my experience at Les Bébés. And, I can’t wait to share it with my friends! I have a dear friend with a birthday coming up, and I think Les Bébés will be the perfect spot for a celebration. The atmosphere is inviting, and the customer service is warm and hospitable. Both the manager, Van, and owner Elaine were friendly, and were willing to pause their tasks at hand and take the time to chat with their customers.  I could also sense their enthusiasm for their menu~ I’ll be really excited to visit again and try their Petit French toast, and their pasta dishes.

貝貝西點然我深刻的感覺到 “我好想帶朋友來這邊來喔!”  除了餐點跟 dessert 好吃以外,店裡的環境感覺很溫馨, 舒適。 而且店長 Van and owner, Elaine  都很親切跟有耐心。 在店裡的氛圍裡會覺得這個 下午是 special 的。 會把其他煩惱放在一邊,好好的享受。(如果帶朋友來慶祝生日 是一個很棒的選擇!)

I also took a box of 6 mini cupcakes home, so I could try more of the flavors. From left to right, they are: blood orange vanilla, carrot, Earl Grey, double strawberry and Matcha cheesecake.


They survived a harried journey home during rush hour, on both the MRT and city bus. After I arrived home, I opened the box with some trepidation, expecting the frosting to have shifted during the journey. Instead, I was greeted with six perfect cupcakes.  (All frosting still intact!)I had to give the cupcakes a little tug to remove them from the packaging, and I found out that each cupcake is gently, yet firmly anchored in place with a tiny piece of double sided tape.





I was also inspired by Les Bébé’s Earl Grey baby cake to create an ice cream flavor with Earl Grey Tea. Jeni has a recipe for Scarlet Earl Grey Ice Cream in her book, so that’s the recipe I used. I had some roasted cherries in the freezer from a previous cherry bonanza (someone gave my family a huge box as a gift). The roasted cherry method is similar to the roasted strawberry method, but some cornstarch is added to thicken the cherry juice.

I haven’t used tea in my ice creams before, but now I’m convinced that it’s quite an ingenious way to infuse flavor into ice cream.


The combination of Earl Grey tea and cherries is quite alluring; the bergamot plays nicely with the tartness and slight bitterness of the cherry.  Cupcakes and ice cream also make a lovely combination, both flavor and texture-wise.



Les Bébés Cafe and Bar Dunhua South Road, Section 1, Alley 295, No. 10. Da-An District, Taipei City. |(02)2784-7460 |貝貝西點 仁愛門市 (西式餐廳 & 杯子蛋糕專賣店)  (02)2784-7460 | 台北市大安區敦化南路一段295巷10號1樓






  1. 雖然這樣說很壞,但我真得覺得同樣介紹一樣的東西,看完你的文章會更有動力去嘗試!哈哈~你的blog太美啦

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