Mesmerizing desserts video Part II ~ 迷人的杯子蛋糕影片

One of my recent obsessions is watching these videos from Carte Noire.  The videos are so skillfully crafted that they make ordinary steps and ingredients like whipping together butter and sugar into the most enchanting process, ever.

I love the different camera angles.  The extent of my photography skills is photographing from the top down (looking into the bowl) but looking upwards into the bowl also provides such an interesting perspective!

我真的是 Carte Noire 影片的忠誠粉絲! 他們的 video 真的是讓我入迷。 覺得怎麼很普通, 很 every day  的過程, 他們都能拍的那麼美, 那麼有 detail.



(video from Carte Noire)


    • Sorry, 我也不知道 wordpress 出了什麼問題耶~
      很開心你喜歡這個影片 我自己也很喜歡! 哈哈 下禮拜還有喔 期待一下! :) :)

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