Field Trip: Honey Creme Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream~來自韓國的冰淇淋

I came across Honey Creme by chance when I was having dinner at Toasteria, just around the corner. This ice cream brand hails from Korea, and has still a relatively new presence in Taipei.  This status of “newbie” on the block means that you have to wait in an incredibly long line, and dodge all the people taking selfies, before you can finally taste the goods.  (That week night, the line that wrapped around the store at least once).

最近大家都在迷韓劇的 ”來自星星的你”  因為太忙了 所以還沒時間看~可是我也 unexpectedly 跟上潮流了喔! 有一點跟 Joy 約在東區吃晚餐, 剛好看到旁邊排了很多人, 原來是為了 “Honey Creme ” 的冰淇淋。 我是一個很怕排隊的人, 想著~ 沒關係, 先吃晚飯再說! 但吃完飯的時候, 還是人山人海。 所以我們兩個人決定先在附近逛逛再回來。


After a dinner of grilled cheese and french fries, the line was still pretty long, so we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  Honey Creme is located in the same neighborhood as some of my favorite stomping grounds, like Marimekko and Cath Kidston, so it was a pleasant (and productive) walk.  By the time we circled back to Honey Cream, the line had dwindled!  There were two lone slices(?) of honeycomb left in the display case, and I am happy to report that we got one of the last servings before they closed for the night.

逛了一圈回來, 因為快打烊了, 所以排隊的人也減少了。 Luckily, 我點到了一杯蜂巢冰淇淋。濃郁的奶香味, 配上有一點花香味的蜂蜜 ~真的是很輕爽。

味道其實讓我讓我想起在美國常常吃的 Greek Yogurt and Honey. 以後自己做冰淇淋的時候 也可以考慮用蜂蜜來調味。 發覺台灣其實有很多蜂蜜的品牌。 像以前 Dami 在水木咖啡用的阿里山蜂蜜應該會是一個很好的選擇!


The milk-flavored soft serve ice cream has a smooth, rich taste, with a hint of sweetness.  The honeycomb adds a bit of interesting texture and sweetness to the ice cream.  When I think of ice cream toppings, I usually only think of chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, fruit, or sprinkles.  It was only when I came across Honey Creme’s soft serve ice cream, that I realized that honey  (and honeycomb!) could also be a possibility as a topping.  (Something to keep in mind for future ice cream flavors in my kitchen!)  Lately, I’ve been using flower honey from a Taiwanese brand called Bee Touched in both my morning oatmeal, and some of my teas.  After taking a look at their website, I realize that they have some really interesting flavors such as, longyan (龍眼) and chamomile petal infused honey, all of which might be lovely flavors for ice cream.

那個晚上是一個很充實的是時光。 跟好久不見的朋友大吃,大喝,大聊了一頓。當初也是她很鼓勵我把自己的興趣變的比較具體, 開始寫這個blog。(頁面的“焦點心” logo 也是她幫我修圖的!)這幾年,發覺她是有驚人的毅力, 很值得我學習!
(Thank you for taking the photo, Joy!)

台北市大安區敦化南路一段169巷8號1樓D室| (02)2740-7070| Hours: 11:30- 21:30, 週末、假日前夕 11:30- 22:30
Dunhua South Road, Section 1, Alley 169, No. 8, 1G, Room D. Da-An District, Taipei City


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