Ingredient Discovery: Fresh Cream from Four Ways Dairy~ 新發現!四方鮮奶油

I’m so happy to share with everyone that I found a new ingredient to use in my ice cream.   You might remember, at the beginning of my foray into handmade ice cream, I mentioned that I wanted to use dairy products that were locally produced in Taiwan.    I’m now happy to report that Four Ways Dairy  (a dairy company located in Miaoli) now has cream for sale, in addition to their other dairy products, such as milk and yogurt.  I found these four bottles at Fresh One (a market similar to Whole Foods) in Taipei’s East District.  It seems to be a little pricey at $50 NT per bottle, but I’m sure it is worth the price to support local industries.

Wow!  我最近逛 FreshOne 超市發覺四方鮮乳有出鮮奶油! 以前做冰淇淋的時候, 只能選進口的 所以看到一個 local  的 ingredient 我很開心~ 二話不說就買了四瓶來試一試。雖然天氣還是灰暗 冷颼颼的 可是anytime, anywhere  都是製作冰淇淋的好時機。  大家期待一下我的冰淇淋吧!


Sorry for the poor quality photo. We are having some dank, depressing weather here in Taiwan.  But, of course that doesn’t stop me from making desserts. I will try a batch of ice cream and update soon!




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