Field Trip: Marimekko Taipei ~ 讓你在生活中找到亮點!

Marimekko has arrived in Taipei!  The store is located in Taipei’s East District (東區) and is right at home in this neighborhood filled with independent cafes and clothing stores.
芬蘭布藝、家品、服裝設計品牌 Marimekko 來台北了! 小時候我媽媽幫我買了一個 Marimekko 小紅花的杯子。雖然杯子不知道已經去哪兒了, 但那個 cheerful 繽紛的小花還是牢牢的印在我的腦海跟想像力裡。
The moment you walk into the store, you are greeted with color.  Every corner that you turn you will see different patterns and combinations of color. My aesthetic tends to lean towards neutral, Muji-esque colors, so I was surprised how  invigorating it felt for me to be in a room filled with color.
I felt like a kid let loose in a candy shop when the shop assistant took down all the bolts of fabric to show me.
We had a fun conversation about what the fabrics could be made into~ and he gave me several really helpful suggestions, one including that I take photos of all the fabrics that I liked, and to compare them with the existing items in my home.
在逛的過程 我覺得每一塊布料都好美, 好繽紛! 每天在家裡看到 應該每天都很 happy! 店員也非常有耐心的跟我討論每一個布料的設計,靈感來源~ 真的是一位非常有創意跟內涵的店員。
Now looking back on the photos I took, I’m glad he suggested this to me. The riot of colors which look so reasonable in their natural habitat might be a bit overwhelming in my everyday space, which gets a lot of natural light, but realistically, is approximately the size of teacup.
But I didn’t leave the store empty handed~I bought two small items that could be easily incorporated into my everyday life: this cosmetic bag in the Räsymatto print fabric.
Since each bag is cut from a different part of the fabric, each bag looks a bit different from the other. The one on display didn’t have the yellow dots, which really is what  initially drew me to this particular fabric.  When I mentioned this to the shop assistant, he said “Oh! I just saw one in the storeroom that had the yellow dots! Let me find it for you!”
The inside of this bag is lined with waterproof lining.  While handy as a cosmetic bag, I found it to be even better suited for the miscellaneous electronic accessories that I need for the day. (I still get a thrill every time I look into my bag and see those yellow dots!)
I also bought this cute Päärynäpear   (the Finnish word for “pear”) mug. I remember the first time that I used this mug was on one of those insanely busy days~ my desk looked like an aftermath of a tornado, with teetering stacks of papers, books, and a confusing flurry of multi-color Post-its.  I was about to implode with stress, when I caught the site of this pear mug out of the corner of my eye.  The refreshing green color of the the pear, and its fat round shape really provided an instant of good cheer. One quick sip of industrial strength coffee later, and I was ready to face the battle again.
One thought that I took away from the Marimekko experience is the effect that colors can have on your senses.  Even though I tend to lean towards solid color neutrals, I find that an occasional or unexpected splash of color, or an ordinary everyday item that is a unique shape, really makes an environment seem more energizing.
逛完的時候我有一個很深刻的感覺 就是雖然偏愛 大地色,簡約 Muji 風格的我, 日常生活中, 還是要選一些比較繽紛的小東西。 每天看到開心, 會覺得很refreshing (清新?)所以我會陸陸續續的收集一些 Marimekko 的家品!
I’m sure this will be one of many trips to Marimekko, so I’ve compiled a wish list of items that I hope to collect for my home in the future.
My Marimekko Wish List

Marimekko bedding

Marimekko mug

Marimekko mug


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