Live Life By the Book:有時間就多看點書!

I love books~ and I’m always on the look out for new ideas and inspiration.  These are six books that are currently on my “to-read” list.  我是一位超級喜歡看書的書呆子! 不久之前有時間逛逛書店, (實體店面跟網路店面 )找到六本想看的書 跟大家分享。最近都是取向 “動手做” 內容的書  覺得如果作品不成功也沒關係 重點在try something new 跟享受過程。
First row, from left to right:
Made by Hand
I first read about this book over on Design Sponge, I bookmarked it for future purchase, and six months later, it’s finally made it to my shopping cart.  This book represents part of my resolution try new activities, and to do more with my hands.  I’m so excited to try making a braided rag rug and some new jewelry!
這一本書 我期待好久了 終於在 Amazon 上下訂單了。 寄來 再跟大家分享!大家可以先看看影片介紹喔:
Life at Home in the 21st Century
This is a book that satisfies a curiosity that continues on from my thesis writing days. It’s based on a extensive 9-year study conducted at UCLA, and offers a glimpse inside 32 homes in the U.S..  This book inspires me to change my data into something that’s visually interesting to a wider population.
我要想辦法把枯燥的研究數據變成有趣的書! 這本書跟我以前研究方向很有關聯。應該買來看看好好研究研究
Cooking for Geeks
I would have paid more attention in science classes, if I made the connection that it would affect both my baking and cooking techniques!  This book looks like it could answer a lot of my questions that I’ve always wondered about, especially about time and temperature and technical issues relating to kitchen equipment. On a related note, this article about the science behind great cookie baking gives really helpful information about how to make a chewier, or thicker cookie.  Apparently bakers can be engineers or scientists too (in their own way).
以前上化學課都在做白日夢 現在想, 有一點點後悔 可是現在有很多書都是用輕鬆 有趣 跟實際的方式來談化學跟烹飪的連結。
Second row, from left to right:
20 Ways to Draw A Doodle
My office is known for marathon meetings~ ones that stretch onto four hours and above.  The only way to keep sane is to doodle. This book will inspire me to make more constructive doodles.  I imagine these constructive doodles can be used for handmade cards or wrapping paper, instead of just decorating my meeting notes.
開會的時候我都會在我的會議紀錄上畫畫 想想 其實應該畫一些可以在小卡片或是手工包裝紙用到的。 想買這本書當參考!
Real Snacks 
Some of the snacks that I grew up with are hard to come by in Taiwan (probably not the worst dilemma in the world!)  Real Snacks contains 50 recipes, each with gluten free and vegan options.
Some of the recipes that caught my eye at first glance were: Girl Scout Thin Mints (!) Fig Newtons and Graham Crackers.  Another part of this book that interests me is the introduction to different types of flours and grains and sugars, some ingredients I’ve never used before such as spelt flour or muscavado sugar look like they are worth a try.
回台灣以後偶爾還是會想吃美國的點心 ~這本食譜裡面有教一些充滿 小時候的回憶的點心~像巧克力薄荷餅乾還有 無花果 夾心餅乾
How to Have Fun with MT Tape
Washi tape is one of my favorite objects to collect. I can’t resist them, partly because they’re so pretty, but also because they serve so many practical purposes!  I use them as labels, or to add a bit of fabulousness to a card or package.  I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate them into my everyday life.  According to Amazon, this book is in Japanese.  But I found another title here in Taiwan, with English text:  The Book of Masking Tape and MT. (unfortunately I couldn’t find a US website that carries this book, but if you come across it, let me know!)
我真的是熱愛紙膠帶~收集很快樂, 也很自然而然的把它們融入到我的日常生活裡來使用。 看到這些書 給了我好多新的 ideas.



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