Kitchen Storage Containers: 食物收納用品的小 ideas

Kitchen Storage Containers (1)
A few days ago, while idly rummaging through my kitchen for supplies to make madeleines, I was awestruck by the sheer haphazardness of my food storage containers:  A cute round Tupperware container that has withstood years of being banged around in my lunch bag, a few lidless rectangular containers, some recycled glass jam jars and some unfamiliar plastic containers painted with dancing vegetables.  I decided that this is the year to upgrade some of my everyday kitchen essentials.  So, here are some of the items that are on my food storage container wish list!  When doing research for this post, I happily found out that Crate and Barrel now ships items to Taiwan.  (My kitchen sings, my credit card weeps)
過年的時候 家裡難免會冒出很多食材。 有一天, 我本來備料要烤餅乾 可是被冰箱跟櫥櫃裡面的收納用品楞住了。 天啊。 我家怎麼那麼多大小不同, 亂七八糟的 containers ?! 一些好像也不是我買的, 也不知道從那裡飄來的。 而且我買的漂亮的 Muji 容器也不見了 (如果在你家, 請還我! XD)  本來要出門買的 可是那天剛好下大雨 所以決定先在網路上看看有沒有什麼 ideas,  再決定要買什麼款式。 我基本上有兩個原則,在櫥櫃裡面, 我喜歡買正方形。可以疊的容器, 因為比較不浪費空間。放在檯面上的容器, 我喜歡 colorful 一點的, 畢竟每天都要見面, 所以美觀對我來講 很重要。在研究過程中發覺我以前在美國很喜愛的品牌 Crate and Barrel 可以送貨來台灣了! 太開心了。 我最近會收集一些我喜歡的小東西 跟大家分享。

First on my list, is to get a set of square clear containers like the ones from Oxo, to store dried goods, like flour, pasta and my baking supplies (flaked almonds, chocolate chips, etc). These stackable, airtight, glass bowls with yellow lids also caught my eye.  I think they would be useful for storing single servings of either soup or rice.  Or I could transport a handful  of cereal to take with me to work.
I would also like to get this garlic keeper for my countertop. This stoneware container is  specially designed to be hospitable environment for garlic bulbs and cloves~ it even has holes on the base to control the humidity inside the jar! Quite the upgrade from the plastic tofu container I’m currently using.
And if you live in Taiwan, no doubt you’ve experienced a traumatizing struggle with the plastic egg containers. They are typically flimsy plastic contraptions that are hard to open, and once open, never stay closed again.  To add further insult to injury, sometimes if you are particularly impatient, when you rip open one corner of the package, the other 10 eggs flip out, (usually onto the floor). My solution to this problem is the Lock Lock Egg Dispenser, which holds up to 12 eggs.
I usually try to buy clear containers, for easy identification.  But sometimes you still need a label. Hello, rock sugar and rock salt, you both look almost the same.  Same goes with the jumbo Costco sized bags of baking powder and baking soda.   I like the look of these vinyl chalkboard labels~ they are both self-adhesive and multi use.  (you do have to purchase the soapstone chalk separately)  On a side note, I often use washi tape for the same purpose, especially for containers that I know that I’m never going to get back. I just write over them with a permanent marker (like the ones from Sharpie or Zebra) and I find that they are re-useable a few times too.
While I love the look and functionality of glass food storage containers, sometimes they are a bit too heavy in my handbag, and I’m always a little leery of them breaking.  Thus, these stainless steel airtight containers would be perfect for transporting a sandwich or an onigiri or two.
As you know, I’m always the in the market for a good mixing bowl.  These nesting ones from Oxo are next on my list.  Their matching lids are a bonus for me~ I can see myself using them for mixing up a quick loaf of bread, or leaving cookie dough in them to chill.  Also, I could prep waffle batter ahead of time, if I ever decide to take the plunge and buy that waffle maker!   Lastly, for the countertop, I think I would like pretty, colorful canisters to store frequently used items, such as teabags and coffee.
What are some things on your food storage wish list?


  1. My mom’s got be hooked on Corningware’s mug:

    It’ great for transporting soup, oatmeal or porridge that can be heated in the microwave at my destination. The Corningware can be quite heavy, especially when filled with food, but it’s worth not having to heat up plastic. For fruit or anything I don’t need to heat, I like Ziploc’s twist and lock containers, which are fairly light:

    Both containers are leakproof if the lid is put on correctly.

    My mom will be heading back to Taiwan in the Spring, so please feel free to share your wish list from Crate & Barrel. Do you know about The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond? One is in PA and the other is in the neighboring town, so feel free to compile a shopping list 🙂

    • Wow! Thanks HT! I didn’t know about the Corningware mug (most of my Corningware knowledge is still stuck in the 80s, the casserole dishes with the goose printed on the side, with the heavy glass lid?) You’re inspiring me to do a post on portable containers/bento boxes, a topic that’s on my radar because I’m going to try to start bringing my lunch to work, instead of eating greasy cafeteria food.
      Yes! I love the Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond! I’ll have a look around their websites :p

  2. Forgot to mention that PA also has a Sur La Table, so have fun browsing the website. Don’t be shy about letting me know what you need or want.

    • I don’t think I’ve actually been in Sur La Table before! Thanks for the info, I’ll browse the website too 🙂

      PS- The same goes for you for any Muji stuff! Let me know if there’s anything you want there too. 🙂 🙂

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