Seasonal celebrations 新年~新希望!


Cotton candy at Season Artisan Patissier

This year, my birthday was sandwiched between Christmas and Chinese New Year~which is great timing because friends from abroad arrive in Taiwan for either one of those holidays, and in between their family visits, we have time to catch up.  This year, one of my birthday gatherings took place at Season Artisan Patissier, one of my favorite places for afternoon tea in Taipei.  They have two locations, and the location I chose is tucked away in a quiet corner in the East district.

我有一個秘密~就是我不太愛過生日。 年紀越大 越了解自己的時候,發覺我其實不太愛很多人的 birthday party.  因為我會覺得人多場面很混亂, 而且要切生日蛋糕那剎那 目光全部聚焦在我身上的時候, 我會覺得很緊張。  對我而言 最快樂的慶祝方式就是跟幾位好朋友 找一間有悠閒氣氛的地方 好好聊聊天。

On my first visit, I remember being enchanted by the cotton candy that is served with their afternoon tea set, and being absolutely delighted by their millefeuille.  The millefeuille at Season is made to order, the layers are feather light, and perfectly crisp.  The custard is a sweet backdrop for the tart berries, kiwi or mango (depending on the season).


Millefeuille with handmade raspberry sorbet


Apple tart and handmade vanilla ice cream

This visit we also ordered an apple tart~ lately, I’ve been making apple topped cakes quite frequently, so it was inspiring for me to see a different technique! (Apple Yogurt cake, you might literally get a facelift!)

In addition to fanciful desserts in house, Season also has a display case full of desserts that you can take home.  Showing unusual restraint, I only took one of their brochures home.


Unique macaron flavors from Season Artisan Patissier


Unique macaron flavors from Season Artisan Patissier

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have some unusual macaron flavors, such as Caramel Pineapple Cake, Pearl Milk Tea, Peach Fruit Tea, and Passion Fruit Chocolate.  I think they would make a fabulously indulgent gift for someone who is either visiting Taiwan for the first time, or for a macaron enthusiast who wants to experience flavors that deviate away from the norm.

Season Artisan Patissier is a wonderful place to sit down with your favorite friends for a lovely afternoon.   As I get older (!) I find that I enjoy smaller gatherings, with just a handful of people, in a quiet location, where we have time to talk and really find out what is going on in each other’s lives.

And, while my obsession for desserts is not new, this blog certainly is, and I have to thank each and every one of my dear friends for not only supporting, but also actively championing this new endeavor.  Little gestures such as handing over their plate as soon as it comes to the table, so I can take a photo of it, or ordering a brand new dessert that they would have never tried otherwise, just so I can “experience it” has been such a huge encouragement for me.

年紀越來越大, 就要成熟的面對一些事情, 要為了自己的堅持,決定負責。 想起來覺得有一點承重~ 但換個方式想 又覺得有能力這麼做 其實也是很幸福的。 希望今年我能繼續成長, 繼續對世界保持 curiousity, 繼續追求我的夢想!


Season Artisan Patissier  敦化南路一段295 巷16 號 Tel: 02-2708-5299




  1. 很喜歡你說的;『 要為了自己的堅持,決定負責』….一起加油吧!千萬別向現實跟偶爾打擾人生的意外低頭

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